Beevolve Study Sheds Light on Twitter Usage across the World

beevolve everything-prThere are millions and millions of accounts on Twitter. Is anyone wondering what would an average user of this microblogging social network “look” like? What are their preferences? How many followers does they have and how many people do they follow? Well, a new comprehensive study from Beevolve of Twitter users worldwide has just been released and it offers quite interesting insights.

The social media monitoring and measurement platform for marketers studied 36 million Twitter user profiles. The findings help marketers and businesses have a better perspective on Twitter users behavior and characteristics.

So, let’s see what the study reveals. First of all, Twitter is dominated by women – 53% of the users are female, while 43% are man. The gender distribution is similar in the countries with the most Twitter users. 73.7% of Twitter users are between 15 and 25 years old, 14% being aged between 26 and 35.

Most women with accounts on this microblogging platform belong to younger age group. Women also out-tweet men.

USA accounts for 50.99% of Twitter users, UK for 17.09% (that’s a BIG difference), Australia for 4.09%, followed by countries like Brazil, Canada, India, France, Indonesia, Iran, and Ireland.

Another interesting finding is that 81.1% of users have less than 50 followers! 9.2% have between 101 and 500 followers, 6.3% between 51 and 100 Twitter accounts that follow them and only a small part are followed by large numbers of Twitter users. A twitter user has 208 followers on average and 6 out of 100 twitter users have no followers.

Things aren’t different when it comes to accounts followed by Twitter users. 74.1% follow less than 50 members of the microblogging network, 14.1% follow between 101 and 500 accounts, and 8.1% between 51 and 100 accounts. Pretty similar to the number of followers!

Among the users that have chosen to have protected tweets, 63.6% are women and 36.4% of such accounts belong to men. WIDIKIDIW – a woman from Jakarta, Indonesia – is the user with protected tweets that has the highest follower number: 515,290.

Apart from the basic Twitter profile colors, female users show a preference toward purple – 22.1% – but other colors are used too: hot pink, by 13.9%, cocoa brown, by 13.7%, shark, by 12.1%, bondi blue, by 11.2%, water leaf, by 6.9% and so on.

Male Twitter users prefer darker colors for their profiles, with shark as number one preference: 36.1%, followed by woodsmoke (13.1%), cocoa brown (9%), spindle (8.3%), bondi blue (7.9%) and others.

Entertainment related words are the most used in Twitter bios, and the majority of females reference family in their Twitter profiles. The study also shows that love is the most frequently used word in a twitter user bio.

In what mobile device usage is concerned, almost two-thirds of smartphone/tablet users use Apple devices to access Twitter.

The study revealed a strong connection between the number of tweets and the influence in the network. The more a users tweets, the more influential they get.

The study has definitely revealed some very interesting statistics that could definitely be used when creating campaigns that have a social media component.

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