Network Solutions’ Web Marketing 2.0 Success Story

2011-02-10 by EPR Staff
Network Solutions everything-pr

During the Super Bowl, Network Solutions tried a different approach to raise awareness and gain new customers. Instead of spending millions on a 30-second TV ad to be run during one of the most prominent events of the year, they tried a social media campaign.  They launched what they referred to as a  “mockumentary-style Internet video campaign” called Go Granny, a video parody spread on the Internet, backed by a Twitter account, Facebook promotion and the support of social media stars like Chris Brogan, Guy Kawasaki or Jason Falls. The idea of the video was simple: Go Granny, played by... Read More >

JAKIM Launches Anti Valentine’s Day PR Campaign

2011-02-10 by EPR Staff

The Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia - JAKIM) is launching an anti-Valentine’s Day PR campaign this Friday. The purpose of the campaign is to raise awareness among Muslims that Valentine's Day celebrations are not part of Islamic religious practices. The campaign will be launched during the Kenyataan Media JAKIM Berkenaan Bicarawara & Pelancaran Kempen Awas! Jerat Valentine's Day symposium in Putrajaya Friday evening, at 8 pm. JAKIM invited a large audience to join the discourse, including students and members of the community. During the symposium, JAKIM will be distributing anti-Valentine's Day fliers and stickers that can... Read More >

Times Square Ball Engages Social

2011-01-01 by EPR Staff
Ball Drop Times square everything-pr

For those Americans and other travelers abroad who couldn't enjoy the 2011 New year countdown in New York City's Times Square, there was at least one opportunity (aside good-old-fashioned television) to participate. This opportunity happened on the Internet (where else) where Times Square Ball still broadcasts a  feed from the market (currently a re-run). There are thousands of viewers online, enjoying this rare opportunity. But not many know how Times Square engages social media, as the press coverage was focused on the spectacular events in the market. There's  a Times Square Ball Twitter account, surprisingly not as popular as it... Read More >

Twitter, Boosting PR and What Social is all About

2010-12-30 by EPR Staff

There is no serious public relations professional that will tell you Twitter and social media in general are not a must for an effective online presence. The truth is social media does a great job at connecting companies and their representatives with clients, bloggers, journalists, their peers and virtually anyone they are interested in. It is also true that in some cases Twitter leads to getting more clients, increased brand awareness, more traffic and all the gold you were digging for in the first place. Yet what is not stressed about is just how you manage to get there. Social... Read More >

How the Police Are Using Twitter

2010-12-17 by EPR Staff
Police Using Twitter

When the Boston Police became the first police force to start using Twitter, they knew they weren’t going to be the last. Today, countless police departments are using the service, including the Manchester Police, Toronto Police and San Francisco Police to name a few. But while there have been a few humorous moments, such as a man discussing the possibility of a zombie invasion with the Boston Police Department, it has also been very serious business for law enforcement. Twitter has become a powerful new tool for police departments, both as a means to communicate quickly with the public and... Read More >

Elizabeth Hurley Chooses Twitter to Announce Her Marriage is Over

2010-12-13 by EPR Staff
Liz Hulrey Twitter

Saying the stars have embraces Twitter is a bit of an understatement. The promote themselves, their products, their friends, and they compete for the millions of followers this social network has to offer, spotlighting their careers and lives to get all the attention they can. And nothing seems to interest more those who follow stars on Twitter than their personal lives. That’s probably why Elizabeth Hurley chose Twitter to let her fans know her marriage was over and that she had separated from her husband. That’s right, the British actress and model broke the news of her separation from businessman... Read More >

Coupons to Power Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

2010-11-19 by EPR Staff
Luxury Brands on Social Media

Have you been looking at ways to improve your online presence? Social media marketing is all the rage, and it isn't hard to see why. Sites like Facebook have made joining fanpages dedicated to brands easier than ever, and people are happy to get on board just to show what they like to their online friends. But studies have shown that that is only the second most common reason for joining brand pages on Facebook. According to Emarketer, the second reason is to find special deals, coupons and promotional codes. With this in mind, it gives you a good basis... Read More >

Stats Squared: Twitter Analytics Tool Sets Aim on Winning Global Startup Weekend

2010-11-17 by EPR Staff
Twitter PR

We at EverythingPR News have the exclusive on a company called Stats Squared that is out of Indianapolis, IN. We have the exclusive because it's a company I founded. :) @StatsSquared was born out of the Indianapolis Startup Weekend and is all of 108 hours old. The premise is that you have 56 hours to build a viable business, and if you can - go live. Stats Squared won the 4th annual Indianapolis Startup Weekend and 1st ever Indianapolis Startup Weekend Battle. We are now a part of the Global Startup Battle and you can vote for us here .... Read More >

Typominima – Free Minimal WordPress Theme for Writers

2010-08-25 by EPR Staff

Alex Cristache of has recently released a new free Wordpress theme, Typominima, a theme designed for all bloggers with a strong appetite for writing and publishing in a beautiful environment. What sets Typominima apart is its strong focus on the writings above anything else. Designed around the concept of “beautiful writings in a gorgeous environment”, Typominima is a Wordpress 3.0+ compatible theme with advanced features, including a control panel allowing users to tweak and fine-tune design elements to their liking. Typominima’s features help keep the theme clean, beautiful, fresh and customizable (up to the point where heavy changes would... Read More >

Chatterscope: A New Twitter Sentiment Monitoring Tool

2010-06-25 by EPR Staff
chatterscope twitter monitoring

Believe it or not, there might be people talking about you and your brand on Twitter, and you don't always "catch" these conversations. Now Lewis PR has a solution to solve this problem, and they named it Chatterscope. It's not for a case of advanced Twitter paranoia, it is a tool that tracks mentions on Twitter and automatically analyzes and classifies the sentiment within each tweet, through sentiment analysis algorithms that identify positive or negative mentions of a brand. Chatterscope also provides historic trend analysis of those mentions, and alerts, helping you monitor Twitter and respond swiftly to events, without... Read More >

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