Coupons to Power Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

Luxury Brands on Social Media

Have you been looking at ways to improve your online presence? Social media marketing is all the rage, and it isn’t hard to see why. Sites like Facebook have made joining fanpages dedicated to brands easier than ever, and people are happy to get on board just to show what they like to their online friends. But studies have shown that that is only the second most common reason for joining brand pages on Facebook.

According to Emarketer, the second reason is to find special deals, coupons and promotional codes. With this in mind, it gives you a good basis for choosing coupons as your driving marketing focus for social networking sites. With the holidays approaching looking to be just as economically trying, people will be shopping for deals more than ever. Now is the time to get started on this tactic.

Coupons as Interactive Tools

We all want ways to get into the minds and lives of our customers, or to draw in details of new ones. Whether it is standard marketing data or more personal information like emails and phone numbers, you can use coupons as a means of getting those details. Providing these offers will establish a link of trust, and under that brand consumers can sign up for such special deals and coupons.

Coupons as Loyalty Rewards

A great way to generate brand and product loyalty is through coupons. Offer special bargains to those customers who continuously use your product, give their email, offer to do a survey or recommend your brand via Twitter or Facebook. Giving them a reason to keep coming back will ensure that they don’t wander to another brand. Coupons and promotional codes prove you care, and putting it on a reward system where they earn points towards free items or discounts is a great way to show that.

Valuable Offer Versus Spam

A huge mistake made my marketers lately is failing to recognize the fine line between what consumers see as a valuable and appreciated offer, and what constitutes as spam. Sending customers different emails or notes for no other reason but to promote your product is the fastest way to lose their interest, and their loyalty.

Next time you are planning an email or social networking update, ask yourself if you are really offering them something they will see as helpful or attractive. Keep emails about coming changes or asking for feedback to a minimum, addressing it in a Facebook note or blog post rather than through email. Make sure to post more coupons, sale announcements and promotional codes than anything else, and you will be sure to keep them coming back.

Coupons as a Driving Marketing Focus

As you can see, there are several reasons to make coupon codes the main point of your social networking campaign. Already, you are sure to have a great deal of regular customers who would be thrilled to have coupons on your products, or to have a reason to recommend you to someone else. Take charge and give them what they want.

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