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3 Ways to Succeed with Big Data

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The jury is back, and it has been for years. Big Data can help you drive revenue to your business. But it’s not a magic elixir or a miracle cure. It will need help. Your help. And, since it’s your business we figure you will be amenable to lending a hand. 1 – Understand what’s […]

General Electric and the future of Big Data


Big Data has always been a big commodity, but many businesses are not sure how to capitalize on the benefits. General Electric, however, has found a way to not only harness Big Data, but also share with other companies. With Big Data becoming more and more essential, this strategy is something that can’t be missed. […]

David Steinberg Of Zeta Global Says Big Data Works Fast


Notice anything different about your social media news feed and online advertising since Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Well, if you shopped for anything online this past week or two but didn’t buy, you can expect to see it reflected back at you for the immediate future. Shop for a fire pit this holiday? Expect […]

How the LAPD uses Big Data To Enforce The Law


There’s no doubt about it, law enforcement in the 21st century is all about technology. Sure, police work still requires brave, smart, dedicated people to get the job done, but the tools they use to fight crime today are much different than they were even a generation ago. Case in point, more and more large […]

Data Science education on the rise Says Zeta Global


A recent Wall Street Journal article reported that specialized single-year master’s programs in data-driven business analytic’s are all the rage. No fewer than five top graduate business programs have released stand-alone programs in the past couple of years. These programs signal a shift in focus for post-graduate business schooling. Students are no longer gravitating toward […]

3 Big Data questions your company must answer

Big Data

Big Data is definitely the hot topic now in just about any consumer business model. But how can it help your business? What’s the big deal about Big Data, anyway? After all, industry fads and tech advantages come and go all the time. Last year’s surefire winner is next year’s obsolete money pit. How can […]

What a Shift in Storage Means for Big Data

big data

More and more companies across various industries are beginning to move away from more traditional data warehousing options such as storage area networks. Companies are looking for more distributed, clustered, or scalable storage.

3 Vital business benefits of Big Data

Big Data

When some people hear about something new for the first time, they would much rather gossip about it and assume the worst than actually take the time to get the straight truth. You know the type… lots of talk, little real information. One of the popular knocks against Big Data is that the benefits are not specific enough. Critics, particularly bandwagon naysayers, out there are fond of saying you have to “try it before you buy it.”

Zeta Global on Why Big Data Is a Big Deal

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If you wait for all the hype to die down, and all the dust to settle, it may be too late. Even as some industries are experiencing a myriad of benefits from Big Data, other businesses are sitting on the sidelines, watching and waiting. Well, that may feel safe to be a bystander, but two things are true about everyone who stands by and watches: first, they never reap the benefits of the action, and, two, they are not protected from danger by not participating.

Is Big Data right for your business?

David A. Steinberg, CEO of Zeta Interactive

Today, you can find “news” about Big Data just about everywhere. It’s being talked about in print magazines, newspapers, and all over the web. But, with so much information out there, how can you know if Big Data is right for your business, and, if so, how you should implement?