RFP Number: RFP24-4558

Marketing and Recruitment of Select Online Undergraduate and Graduate Programs


12:00 a.m. Central Time on June 6, 2024


Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

Procurement & Disbursements Department

6300 Ocean Drive Unit 5731

Corpus Christi TX 78412-5731

Rachal Ganson, Senior Buyer

Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

Procurement & Disbursements Department





2.1 Background. Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi is an expanding, doctoral-granting

university with a growing research agenda in the Texas A&M University System. The

university is committed to preparing graduates for lifelong learning and responsible citizenship

in the global community. We are dedicated to excellence in teaching, research, creative activity

and service. Our supportive, multicultural learning community provides undergraduate and

graduate students with a challenging educational experience through residential, distance

learning and international programs. The university’s federal designation as a Hispanic Serving

Institution (HSI) provides a foundation for closing educational gaps, while its strategic location

on the Gulf of Mexico and on the cultural border with Latin America provides a basis for

gaining national and international prominence.

2.2 Service Requirements. Services shall include, but are not limited to, the requirements

contained in this RFP. Services set forth that contain the words “must” or “shall” are

mandatory and must be provided as specified with no alteration, modification, or exception.

Services set forth that contain the words “may” or “can” allow Respondents to offer

alternatives to the manner in which the services are provided. The requested services and

corresponding deliverables are as follows:

The goal of this project is to partner with a Contractor to provide marketing and recruitment

services for students for select undergraduate online programs and graduate online and

residential programs. Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi seeks to strategically increase

enrollment at the undergraduate and graduate levels and seeks a partner with a track record of

assisting Universities in accomplishing that goal.

Currently, the University seeks the support of a Contractor to provide marketing and

recruitment to grow enrollment in a select list of programs:

Undergraduate Programs

• Bachelor of Business Administration (online)

• Sports Management (online)

• Psychology (online)

Graduate Programs

• Master of Science in Engineering (anticipating a move to online Fall 2025)

• Master of Science of Nursing (online)

• Family Nurse Practitioner (online)

• Doctor of Nursing Practice (online)

• Master of Public Health (online)

• Masters in Kinesiology (online or hybrid program)

Program Current Yearly Enrollment 3-Year Enrollment Goal

BBA (online) 75 300

FNP (online) 35 80

MPH (online) New Program 100

MSN (online) 15 80

DNP (online – TX only) 5 40

Psychology (online) New Program Delivery 120

Sports Management (online) 25 75

Engineering ** 10 100

Kinesiology (online) 10 50

** Engineering is anticipating moving to an online delivery format in Fall 2025

(a) Marketing

The vendor will be asked to work in partnership with the TAMU-CC Marketing

Department to develop market strategy for each program as well as execute on that

strategy. Market strategy may include print & digital—website, SEO strategies (paid),

Google Ad Words campaign (paid), Meta, LinkedIn, webinars/Facebook Live events, and

key events where having a physical presence is effective. Marketing strategy execution

includes print & digital marketing assets deployed— website, SEO strategies (paid),

Google Ad Words Campaign (paid), Meta, Linked In, web-based events scheduled with

faculty & program staff, and webinars. TAMU-CC values marketing strategies that

efficiently and effectively produce high-quality leads.

The vendor will provide a detailed marketing plan that includes a variety of digital

marketing and employer-based alliances. Vendor will work to ensure that TAMU-CC

complies with any and all special state and local approvals required for digital marketing.

In keeping with TAMU-CC goals, the vendor’s marketing plan will focus on marketing to

highly qualified students from diverse populations.

(b) Recruiting

The vendor will provide all recruitment services necessary to bring in highly qualified new

enrollments each semester on a rolling basis. TAMU-CC will provide standards for “highly

qualified” and will have the final say on the admission status of prospective students.

The successful vendor will provide a fully operational recruiting call center, including all

necessary facilities and technology. Part of the services provided through this recruiting

call center should include a technical help desk, a dedicated 1-800 number and program

landing pages for prospective students to inquire or gain information. The call center will

be in operation at least 12 hours per day during the work week. We are particularly

interested in proposals that include the use of innovative technologies to recruit students,

including the use of artificial intelligence (AI), chatbots, etc.

The vendor will be responsible for maintaining contact with prospective students through

enrollment, guiding the prospective student through the process. Contact may include

email, phone, text, social media, traditional mail, etc. The vendor will collect all pertinent

admissions information required to complete a student admissions file as specified by each

TAMU-CC program. Completed admission packets will be provided to the involved

Colleges for admission decisions. The vendor shall have no involvement in admissions

decisions. The vendor is expected to nurture all leads, including organic leads, and deliver

completed applications. After admission, the vendor will provide yield services to avoid


The vendor will not engage in cross-selling leads to other partners or other clients. We

strongly prefer dedicated enrollment coaches. We will give strong preference to bids in

which Texas A&M – CC retains ownership over the leads generated through any marketing effort for the University.

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