Public Relations Services Needed For Alaska Railroad

The ARRC Corporate Affairs and Marketing Departments are responsible for planning and implementing all internal and external public relations for the corporation. The ARRC is seeking a fullservice firm to counsel and assist in the research, development, implementation, and monitoring of its corporate and business media relations. Plans and associated work performance must encompass a broad spectrum of forums and tools, including traditional print and broadcast media, contemporary presentation formats (Prezi, small-format video, etc.), digital and social media elements, as well as research, analytics and tracking results. The firm may be required to research and create public relations elements to support those plans, such as annual reports, press releases, media kits, digital materials, and other collateral items, corporate positioning and image campaigns, employee communication programs, governmental or legislative information programs, media relations, publicity and promotional support. The agency shall maintain confidentiality of the client’s programs and projects. The firm will be required to provide a team for research, strategic planning, implementation, and tracking results. Firm shall provide monthly tracking reports as directed by separate departments.


The Alaska Railroad Corporation (“ARRC”) is a non-stock government corporation that was established by Alaska Statute 42.40 to own and operate the Alaska Railroad after the Railroad was transferred from federal to state ownership in 1985 pursuant to the terms of the Alaska Railroad Transfer Act, 45 U.S.C. 1201 et seq. The ARRC is an instrumentality of the State of Alaska within the Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development, but has a legal existence separate from and independent of the State. ARRC is obligated to carry out its responsibilities on a self-sustaining basis without operating subsidies from the State. The powers of the ARRC are vested in a seven-member Board of Directors, appointed by Alaska’s Governor. ARRC is the last full service railroad in the United States, providing year round freight and passenger services over 500 miles of track stretching from tidewater at Whittier and Seward to the interior of Alaska. Additionally, the ARRC owns approximately 36,000 acres of land used in operations or available for lease or permit use.

Scope of Work:

Document Design, Editing, Publication, and Distribution Working closely with ARRC staff the Contractor may be requested to:

• Design and produce promotional or collateral materials such as brochures, or newsletters.

• Design, edit, and produce the annual report or other reports developed by ARRC for public distribution.

• Design, develop and prepare informational press packets or media releases.

• Provide assistance in developing media, IE PowerPoint or video presentations, to be used to promote ARRC programs for speaking events. Online Communications Provide assistance with the ARRC web sites.

Work may include: 

• Gathering and reviewing information to understand the web audience and industry usage of;

• Meeting with Management to understand and define overall goals of ARRC and using the web to communicate programs to various stakeholders;

• Assisting with web enhancements; 

• Assist in developing, implementing, and monitoring content for ARRC social media channels;

• Designing, hosting, or maintaining sites for specific projects or programs as they arise.

Strategic Communications Planning 

• Identify and assist ARRC in pursuing cooperative promotional opportunities with other government and nongovernment agencies at a state and community level;

• Provide recommendations for promotional programs and informational campaigns;

• Conduct market or program surveys or research; 

• Work with ARRC to determine the best strategy for educating their clients;

• Provide recommendations and implement programs that would increase public awareness through public information campaigns and special events on the various ARRC funded projects; and

• Assist as needed in preparing press releases or public presentation materials.

Other Related Services 

• Assist ARRC in soliciting goods or services for ancillary activities or events;

• Plan, execute and escort media on board trains in coordination with ARRC;

• Provide Project Management for events and functions; 

• Assist in project planning, development and rollout; 

• Provide subcontractors when necessary to provide ARRC with high quality solutions in the areas of web enhancements, function arrangements, developing graphics “charged graphics”, assisting with major revisions to text and revising content upon request, and supplying stock pictures. Final project activity after award shall be determined by a Fixed Price Limitation on the project cost provided by the contractor and approved by the Railroad’s corporate affairs and marketing representatives. ARRC’s representatives shall be required to approve all the work prior to starting on individual projects, and shall establish deadlines for completion of projects. Estimating project costs shall be the contractor’s responsibility as a normal cost of business.

Due Date:

3:00 p.m. Alaska time, on May 31, 2021


Alaska Railroad Corporation 327 W. Ship Creek Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99501 P.O. Box 107500, Anchorage, AK 99510-7500 Telephone: 907.265.4467 Email:

Agencies to consider include Prosek Partners and Zeno Group.

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