Texas City Seeking Branding Agency

Texas City Seeking Branding Agency

The City of Garland, Texas is requesting qualifications and a statement of interest for providing engagement and digital advertising services. The City recently completed a study of internal and external perceptions of the Garland community and is seeking a partner to initiate actions to increase brand awareness and favorable perceptions. The study calls for increased online advertising and social media efforts to promote Garland and engage the community as ambassadors. The city also seeks assistance in reaching key audiences, such as real estate professionals.The City is seeking a firm with knowledge, ability and demonstrable experience in engaging specific audiences; using those audiences to attract potential residents, boost tourism and support economic development activities in Garland; and launching digital advertising and social media campaigns with the goal of improving Garland’s brand.

Garland is the second most populous city in Dallas County, Texas and the fifth largest in the DFW Metroplex. The community has strong and deep roots, but has struggled as it ages and witnesses development energy migrate to other parts of the region. Many exciting opportunities exist in Garland; however, knowledge about what and where they might be continues to elude valued audiences. Garland has recently worked to establish clear goals and has a defined vision for the future of the city. That vision prioritizes “growing” the city’s economic base, becoming increasingly progressive, and eradicating any negative perceptions that currently exist. Positioning Garland to better realize these goals and creating a solid map to better manage those relationships are major objectives of this project. More information about Garland can be found at: http://www.garlandtx.gov/.


The City of Garland may elect to use in-house services and resources, including for all or part of any project. The Office of Strategic Initiatives will be the firm’s initial point of contact and will coordinate contact with internal resources to finalize work plans and resource availability.


  • Develop and project the image of the City using known competitive advantages and branding
  • Increase awareness of Garland and its amenities, competitive advantages, events, culture, and achievements
  • Develop community partnerships to support and leverage City promotional efforts


Professional services to be performed by the selected firm may include, but are not limited to:

  • Initial review and understanding of recent image assessment study
  • Advertising: conception, planning, design, development, production and evaluation of online and social media content
  • Create/launch/maintain digital advertising campaign
  • Develop online space and content for Garland’s messaging
  • Create/Launch/maintain ambassador’s program(s)
  • Engage specific audiences to help promote Garland’s messaging and brand
  • Create/host events to educate and engage potential partners
  • Research (market and survey analysis
  • Conduct focus groups
  • Identify opportunities for speaking engagements
  • Redesign communications program
  • Event planning

Due Date 4/21 to:

Address: 2001 N. Fifth Street, Garland, TX 75040

Strong PR firms in Texas include Weber Shandwick and Burson Marsteller.

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