The Texas General Land Office (GLO), on behalf of the Texas Veterans Land Board (VLB), is requesting proposals from qualified vendors for marketing, advertising, and media buying services. The VLB’s mission is to provide efficient and quality programs and services to all Texas veterans, their families, and industry associates by incorporating sound business practices, advanced technologies, and cutting-edge innovations to ensure that the VLB offers the best package of veterans’ benefits in the nation. In order to provide these benefits, the VLB’s marketing efforts must reach as many veterans as possible. The GLO is requesting that Respondents submit proposals that address the Respondents’ ability to provide all the following services: branding; production; planning; buying; and placement of broadcast, digital, print and out-of-home advertising. Respondents should describe their experience and ability to implement and measure the impact of implemented advertising.

The goals of the VLB’s marketing/communications efforts are to increase the number of VLB land loans, meet the demand for VLB housing loans, meet the demand for Texas State Veterans Home and Cemetery program benefits, and increase awareness of the VLB among active military and veterans in Texas.


The oldest state agency in Texas, the GLO was formed to determine who owned what and where after the Texans and Tejanos won independence. Today the General Land Office manages state lands, operates the Alamo, helps Texans recovering from natural disasters, helps fund Texas public education through the Permanent School Fund, provides benefits to Texas Veterans, and manages the vast Texas coast.

Scope of Work:

The Provider will develop an appropriate media buying plan that supports the creative components for advertising that will be produced in-house by the GLO/VLB. Provider will then develop an annual flowchart of activity by month for each market and shall report on the number of impressions generated for each medium. Provider will purchase and track advertisements on behalf of the VLB. All proposed media schedules will be reviewed and approved by the VLB before they are implemented. The GLO/VLB reserves the right to alter media plans as required to meet the needs of the VLB’s marketing goals. Provider will use the most current demographics and ratings data available to determine media purchases. The GLO/VLB will approve all media buys before Provider completes the purchase.

The Provider shall negotiate and subcontract with advertising media and others at the most advantageous rates available in the commercial advertising market. Additional emphasis should be placed on obtaining added value elements to any media buy including additional space/time, online components and promotions programs. The Provider shall monitor displays, broadcasts and other advertising media used to ensure proper appearance, ad position, mechanical production and related factors.

The Provider shall implement the VLB’s email marketing efforts using existing online marketing tools and services. Provider shall ensure consistency and integrity of all email lists. Provider shall provide detailed reports on the success of campaigns and provide recommendations on future campaigns. Provider will track the effectiveness of advertising and marketing campaigns, including return on investment when possible.

Provider shall maintain internal procedures which ensure budget control, prompt billing, and quality control, including, but not limited to, auditing invoices. Provider shall deliver monthly budget spreadsheets detailing all billings. Provider must include original media invoices from media outlets and all other documents or information the GLO/VLB requests as supporting invoice documentation. The GLO/VLB project manager will verify that all deliverables are met prior to invoice acceptance and payment. The selected Respondent shall be required to enter into a non-disclosure agreement substantially in the form of Attachment E of the Sample Contract.

Provider must meet the following non-exclusive list of requirements in the provision of services to the GLO/VLB:

a) Provider will develop a strategy to create demand for the VLB veterans programs described herein among military members and veterans within the State of Texas, with a concentration in major markets. The primary audience will consist of military veterans, military members, and active reserve members seeking land loans, age 35-54. The secondary audience will consist of military veterans and active military members seeking land loans, age 25-34.

b) The initial run dates shall be from November 15, 2019 (or upon contract execution, whichever occurs last) through August 31, 2020. Thereafter, run dates will coincide with the State’s fiscal year, beginning on September 1 and ending on August 31.

c) Provider’s digital and email strategies must include the metrics which will be used to determine success.


2.2.1 Media Planning

Provider shall develop and deliver a media plan to identify markets, advertising medium, media weight, budget, flight dates, CPP, reach, and frequency guarantees.

2.2.2 Media Bundling

Provider shall submit proposals showing each medium’s costs both as purchased separately and as bundled with other mediums.

2.2.3 Media Buying

Provider shall provide rating analysis by program and by individual market, including but not limited to new media and traditional marketing platforms. Provider will work with media outlets to handle spot rate negotiations with each station or digital platform subject to VLB review and approval. Provider must provide estimates, either by individual market or for the buy as a whole, showing the estimated number of military and veterans, ages 35-54 and 25-34, that would be reached by the advertising placed on VLB’s behalf. This should be shown as CPP or CPC. Other efficiency estimates may be acceptable, if the Respondent provides documentation that the GLO determines adequately supports the reasoning behind the estimates.

2.2.4 Media Reconciliation

Provider will be responsible for all activities after buys are completed. These include working with and assisting VLB in the trafficking of spot dubs to each station, monitoring the buys on a daily basis throughout the on-air schedule, collection and thorough examination of affidavits, supervision and coordination of the issuance of any make good spots and/or credits for any spot discrepancies, and delivery of a full spot/dollar accounting of the buy to VLB within four weeks after the last spot in the campaign has aired. Provider must submit reach and frequency estimates to VLB.

Due Date:

September 27, 2019



Agencies worth considering include Ruder Finn and Shift Communications.

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