Archetype of General Management in USA, China and Russia

The way Management works in the USA is not as dependent on foreign acceptance, for global companies, as may previously been thought. General Management styles have always been somewhat oppressive and monotheatic.  But in recent years large companies and institutions have been pulling back from trying to curry favor in authoritarian nations.

In the 1990’s it was a different story, when China brought down its military might on its own people. Then large companies, who were seeking a business foothold in China, backed the authoritarian government.

Most recently, it was the NBA, who after a general manager of a team messaged that everyone should stand behind freedom, the Chinese government lashed out and threatened to take away their monetary backing of the sports organization. The general manager of the NBA, took the stand that all people have the right to freedom of expression..

That stand lost the NBA billions of dollars in revenue, but sent a clear message to all organizations and large enterprises, freedom of expression is a non-negotiable way of life, and the world needs to condemn restrictions on freedom. That archetype is a basic human right, not decided by a government of any kind.

In Russia the role of General Management in the way people live is heavily monitored. If the CEO’s of large companies are not paying the president of the country large kickbacks, they find themselves accused of corruption and removed from office.

This deflates the economy to an extreme. Russia has the largest land mass of any country in the world, but carries an economy about the size of Italy. Their only resource is oil and gas and it is heavily regulated and not offered to the populace, but exported through companies like Exxon Mobil.

The role of corporations in Russia is mostly for show. The main use of General Management is to establish corporations in other countries to influence local governments, which would in turn influence broader governments.

Russia uses intelligence techniques to establish themselves in other countries, instead of using its willing population to help its failing economy. This well known technique is readily discovered by more aware governments. The act of starving its own economy is seen as deliberate, although the Russian government blames other countries sanctions for its troubled state of affairs.

In the United States, there is a general feeling that whoever has the most money is the most successful. For many years whoever offered our politicians the most money, got the most legislative power over their rivals. Many of the laws passed that benefited organizations with great buying power saw those organizations flourish at the expense of those without such resources. This built companies that were racist, closed off, inaccessible and mostly above the laws that dictated how everyone else lived.

In General Management there a change happening, where those with influence are now desperate to keep their positions of power free of oversight. The advent of a social movement born of the complete exposure of the mechanism that controlled corporate influence in the United States has opened the way for change. This exposure, which is ongoing, has driven a stake into the heart of the greed that fuels much of the authoritative governments and businesses around the world.

The United States and its general management in corporations and institutions is seeing change on a grand scale, that is reaching into the USA’s very core.

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