The Best Paid Market Research Platforms

best paid market research sites2

Companies that want to learn more about their target markets should be investing in some of the top paid market research tools and platforms available to them. Through these types of platforms, companies can access both freely available market data, and collect their own data from customers through different data collection strategies.


Statista collects data from several different sources and turns them into visual charts, graphs, stats, and market research reports that are easier to understand. Additionally, since the data on the platform is constantly being updated, companies can keep coming back to the same piece of data for longer periods of time to see how they’re changing. Statista has data on practically every topic, which means it’s a great tool for companies to use when trying to learn more about market trends or consumer purchasing behaviors. It also has a great user experience and a search function that’s quite powerful, but the free plan that companies can use is quite limiting.


Buzzsumo analyzes over 300 trillion social media engagements and over 8 billion articles and it’s a great social media and content marketing market research tool for businesses. It shows which influencers can help companies increase the reach of their content, which topics are receiving a lot of attention, and what content is generating a lot of engagement. Any business that wants to create a more effective content marketing strategy should be relying on the platform because it makes it a lot easier to figure out what’s going to generate a lot of engagement and help companies improve their rankings on search engine results pages.


To collect market research data, companies should be utilizing surveys and polls, and SurveyMonkey is one of the most popular and best tools for that job. In fact, the platform is so widely used that there are over 20 million questions that are answered on it every day. It’s quite easy for companies to create, distribute, and then analyze their surveys, and they can be distributed through social media, email, a link, or even embedded into a website. There’s also a data visualization feature to better understand insights and a great selection of templates that companies can utilize to generate more specific data.

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