The Common PR Sense of the All New Vespa Primavera

News from Milan this morning brings to mind an icon of European style, the Vespa Primavera in all new form makes its debut in France.

Courtesy Vespa everything-pr

Courtesy Vespa

Shoot out my tires all my redneck, pickup truck driving pals back in the States, I’ve always been a fan of scooters, they just make sense. As for Vespa, of course they are the Rolls Royce of Ferrari of what we Americans consider putter putter mobility. Now at the Paris Salon de la Moto, running thru this Sunday, the all new Vespa Primavera is now being marketed all over Europe.

For a bit of scooter history, the original Vespa Primavera hit the market back in 1968. About the time we began speaking of trendy, and a new generation, freedom, and even Hippy coolness, the Vespa came to symbolize the same across the so-called “old continent”. While Americans were straddling their Hondas and Harleys, Europe went decidedly economical and avante garde. I remember Vespas in all those old Hollywood flicks from the day. Anyhow, living here in Germany, amid a culture as tied to bicycles and scooters as Mercedes or Audi touring cars, I have to yearn a little bit from my “Marchello Mastriani self” (okay I am nothing like him), you know wearing the scarf and all while scooting around with Sophia Loren or somebody.

Just as the press from Vespa suggests, this new scooter is nibble and stylish, with classic lines and apparent quality, the same breath of fresh air Vespa breathed 45 years ago in fact. I know my beautiful wife and partner is going to look stunning, adorning the back of mine. Yep, this Summer you’ll catch this big American gorilla headed to Aldi on his Vespa. The radical new design features, the ecological logic of the ride, the 150cc 3 valve engine of this little gem is the most technologically advanced “putter putter” power-plant ever devised my man.

Finally, here’s to all my city or small town resident friends in America catching this sustainability bug. Just like when we went to Nassau back in 1975 guys, you can go almost anywhere cheaper and faster on a scooter like this. In Charleston, my hometown, those narrow streets were made for transportation as simply elegant as this new Vespa. Okay, Charleston was made for horses and buggies, but you get the picture. Vespa, Europe, feel it, the coolness of putter putter public transport.

New York PR Agency Cooperkatz represents the Vespa In the United States.

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