First Nations University of Canada Seeks Video Company

The First Nations University of Canada Inc. (FNUniv), is seeking competitive proposals from Service Providers to plan, execute, edit, and deliver a series of promotional videos that exemplify First Nations University of Canada’s approach to achieving excellence in Indigenous education. FNUniv requires a Service Provider who has demonstrated experience in managing and creating promotional video projects. As a result of this competition, FNUniv intends to identify a committed and experienced Service Provider, which can provide FNUniv with the required services and solutions outlined in this RFP and that meets the requirements in a feasible, economical, and timely manner, and with whom a contract can be negotiated. Service Providers are invited to submit proposals for the provision of the required services and solutions in accordance with the terms, conditions, and proposal response format specified in this RFP. FNUniv may proceed to enter into an agreement with the preferred Service Provider at its sole discretion. This RFP is not a commitment by FNUniv to enter into any agreement.


First established in 1976 as the Saskatchewan Indian Federated College, the First Nations University of Canada (FNUniv) is independently administered to serve the academic, cultural, and spiritual needs of First Nations Students. FNUniv graduates prepare for the workforce with certificates, diplomas, and degrees awarded by the University of Regina. Since its inception, FNUniv has worked to increase its enrollments and to provide educational opportunities for students with many backgrounds and interest areas. FNUniv offers programs and services on three campuses – Regina, Saskatoon, and Prince Albert – as well as on a number of satellite campuses where students receive instruction through web conferencing and the University of Regina’s learning management system.

Scope of Work:

FNUniv is seeking qualified and experienced video production organization, etc., to plan, direct, shoot, edit, and deliver a series of promotional videos on First Nations University of Canada. The Service Provider will work with FNUniv to develop the content, persons to be interviewed, etc.

Reference: FNUniv-RFP-0009

FNUniv Promotion Videos

3.1 Development of FNUniv Promotional Videos

FNUniv requires that the successful Service Provider to deliver a series of three (3) separate promotional videos.

The first video is anticipated to be 5 minutes in length in final edited form. The second and third videos are to be 2.5 minutes in length each in final edited form. Elements of the second and third videos can/may appear as part of video one. The Service Provider will work with FNUniv to understand the relevant content, interviewees, key features, etc., to be included in each video as part of the pre-shoot planning phase.

Video 1 – The main promotional video. This video will be an overview of FNUniv, its approach to excellence in Indigenous Education, and feature the campuses and people. The service provider will also work with FNUniv to identify key university elements and events that could potentially be included as part of the video footage.

Video 2 – A promotional video highlighting the FNUniv approach to Indigenous programming within its programs and courses.

Video 3 – A promotional video highlighting Alumni experiences and successes.

FNUniv promotional videos should at a minimum keep/include the following components:

                • Maintain Visual Identity: Name, Logo, Colours – White, Yellow, Red, Blue (as in the FNUniv logo) for each video

                • Highlight FNUniv’s Indigenous culture and culture of Indigenous Education as a key component of each video

                • Showcase the Regina Campus including the main campus building and campus events

3.1.3 Other Requirements

FNUniv requires at a minimum the following requirement for the promotional videos production.

                • All raw footage delivered to FNUniv at the end of the project

                • All finalised videos delivered to FNUniv in a format that is compatible with website

Due Date:

September 30, 2019.


Relevant agencies include APCO Worldwide and Kaplow PR.

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