The Public Lands Policy Coordination Office REQUEST FOR STATEMENT OF QUALIFICATIONS Marketing and Communication Services for PLPCO

Close 5/19/2023 2:00 PM MDT 

Scope of Work


The Public Lands Policy Coordination Office (PLPCO) and the Department of Natural Resources are seeking to obtain a five-year Professional Services Contract with an individual or company (Company) that is qualified to periodically create, design, and implement marketing and communications materials for PLPCO and the Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

PLPCO Mission: To coordinate, promote, and implement Utah’s public land priorities.

PLPCO Vision: To empower all to enjoy and flourish from Utah’s public lands, providing Utahns with unique and lasting opportunities for access, economic prosperity, and stewardship.

DNR Mission: DNR helps ensure the quality of life of Utah residents by managing and protecting the state’s abundant natural resources.


PLPCO and DNR work cooperatively to manage and protect Utah’s public lands and natural resources. The Company selected for this contract must have a background and working knowledge of public lands and natural resources in Utah.

Scope of Work

Total budget over the five-year agreement term shall not exceed $100,000.

Example of Tasks and Projects:

● Website design and maintenance.

● Creation of presentation materials such as PowerPoint.

● Layout and graphic design of agency publications.

● Creation and maintenance of agency logos and associated standards.

● Design, creation, and implementation of marketing projects and campaigns.

● Drawing/creating and/or selecting graphic charts, working drawings, illustrations, maps, etc., for publications/displays or similar projects; adapts sketches/drawings to meet specific technical or publication requirements.

● Once weekly social media posts on platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

● Supports events with planning, marketing, execution.

● Other duties as assigned that are within the scope of the contract.

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