The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center (MD Anderson) Request for Proposal (RFP) (SOW) Recruitment Marketing Services

Due date: 4/5/24 5:00pm

Web link: file:///C:/Users/cbettencourt/Downloads/ESBD_File_352950_Recruitment%20Marketing%20Services%20SOW.pdf


The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center (“MD Anderson”) requests proposals from

qualified and experienced supplier(s) to provide recruitment marketing services for the purpose of

sourcing, recruiting, hiring, and ultimately retaining qualified employees. MD Anderson is seeking a

supplier that can assist in attracting individuals that will flourish in an environment dedicated to

providing compassionate care.


MD Anderson Cancer Center is one of the world’s most respected centers focused on cancer

patient care, research, education, and prevention. It was named the nation’s No. 1 hospital for

cancer care in U.S. News & World Report’s 2022-2023 rankings.

MD Anderson is one of the nation’s original three comprehensive cancer centers designated by the

National Cancer Institute. Since 1944, more than 1.9 million people have turned to MD Anderson

for cancer care.

MD Anderson maintains a standard of excellence through its qualified talent, strong organizational

culture, and bold mission. MD Anderson has more than 25,000 employees and completed over

6,600 hires last year. 3,081 hires have been made year to date, and MD Anderson receives 27,000

to 35,000 employee applications per month. MD Anderson’s commitment to hire compassionate,

innovative, and collaborative talent is essential to the success of MD Anderson’s mission.


MD Anderson’s engagement objectives shall include but not be limited to:

3.1. The selected supplier will demonstrate inventiveness, resourcefulness, and a good

understanding of MD Anderson’s paradigm.

3.2. Selecting supplier(s) capable of providing an overall strategic employment marketing plan

3.3. Selecting supplier(s) that possesses proven methodologies and experiences required to

proactively advise, forecast and report market data to enhance MD Anderson’s ability to

successfully meet the critical demands of limited qualified healthcare and specialized pools.

3.4. Selecting supplier(s) that meets and/or exceeds description of services described herein.

3.5. Selecting supplier(s) that maintain and/or exceed the quality of services provided.


4.1.The selected supplier(s) must have recruitment marketing experience in healthcare and/or

research (i.e. Academia, Data Science, Biotech, Pharma, etc.) industries.

4.2. The selected supplier(s) must be able to partner with MD Anderson’s career site vendor to

integrate reporting.

4.3.The selected supplier(s) must be able to capture metrics/results of marketing campaign(s).

4.4.The selected supplier(s) must meet monthly with MD Anderson to review and assess Key

Performance Indicators and metrics.

4.5.The selected supplier(s) must be able to provide centralized billing, capability to track and

invoice for multiple funding sources, and manage media contractual agreements with MD

Anderson’s third-party vendors.

4.6.The selected supplier(s) must be able to provide market intelligence service on workforce

trends and competitive analysis.


5.1.Strategy Development:

5.1.1. Develop recruitment marketing plans, both strategic and tactical, for targeted job

categories and job specific campaigns.

5.1.2. Create internal and external awareness of employer brand by integrating various media

platforms to include public relations, print, online, and other key communication


5.1.3. Understand and integrate research findings of employment trends nationally,

regionally, and locally into marketing recommendations.

5.2.Brand Alignment:

5.2.1. Provide strategic oversight of brand strategy and creative for all marketing campaigns.

5.2.2. Develop employment campaigns reflecting MD Anderson’s brand.

5.2.3. Incorporate MD Anderson’s media standards and practices.

5.3.Media Planning, Buying, and Integration:

5.3.1. Create media plans for online and offline media advertising – to include recommended

schedule, media weights, and media mix.

5.3.2. Monitor media to ensure MD Anderson’s media spend is delivering the expected

return of investment.

5.3.3. Develop and execute paid online employment search campaigns.

5.3.4. Manage MD Anderson’s media contractual/agreements with third-party vendors.

5.3.5. Negotiate and provide best-value rates on recommendations for MD Anderson’s media

purchases with third-party vendors.

5.3.6. Integrate activity with reporting to evaluate results, refine strategy, and illustrate

return on investment.


5.4.1. Conceptual development and production of specific advertising messages and

marketing materials.

5.4.2.Oversee and guide the production of broadcast, print, and internet products.

5.4.3. Ensure campaigns are functional across media platforms that have been identified for

the specified target audience.

5.5.Market Intelligence:

5.5.1. Provide actionable and continuous insights for industry and job market trends,

candidate availability and behaviors, and competitive analysis to enhance and optimize

recruitment strategies. 

5.6.Reporting and Measurement:

5.6.1. Measure and track effectiveness of recruitment and marketing campaigns. Monthly and quarterly metrics reports should include agreed upon metrics such as

website traffic, online conversion rates, etc. Link and provide conversion metrics and resources from online and offline efforts

to applications and hire when applicable.

5.6.2. Provide tracking of relevant competitive healthcare and/or research employment

marketing trends. Multimedia reports and summaries of market players in defined areas for specific

job categories or titles as needed. Annual competitive presentation that reviews the impact of MD Anderson’s

recruitment and suggests next steps relative to external landscape.

5.6.3. Submit all final creatives (links, newspapers, journals, etc.) for MD Anderson’s


5.7. Account Management/ Customer Service:

5.7.1. Provide coordination and counsel for all projects initiated by MD Anderson, including,

but not limited to strategic and tactical oversight components, media

contracts/agreements and centralized billing with MD Anderson’s third-party vendors.

5.7.2. Coordinate meetings with MD Anderson.

5.7.3. Monthly billing/budgeting reviews: Reconciliation of actual vs. planned expenses.

5.7.4. Monthly strategy meetings: Initiate relevant strategy discussions.

5.7.5. Semi-annual planning meetings: Facilitate media, planning, research, creative and competitive discussions. Provide presentation(s) of innovative marketing and advertisement trends and

ideas to advance MD Anderson’s employment brand in the market.

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