DEPARTMENT OF VETERAN AFFAIRS Salt Lake City Marketing and Advertising Campaign Services REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL

DUE DATE: 9/4/23 5:00PM LOCAL



VA Salt Lake City Marketing & Advertising Campaign Services

1.)          This is a Statement of Work for the FY19 Advertising/Marketing Contract for VA Salt Lake City.

2.)          Brief Outline 

a.            Enrollment: Marketing and Advertising Campaign with the focus of increasing enrollment and awareness at the VA Salt Lake City.  Primary target demographic of Post 9/11 Veterans within the 660-catchment area.  Age group: 25-45 years old. 

b.            Whole Health/Program Enrollment/Awareness Campaign: Purpose of increasing awareness and enrollment of the Whole Health Program.  Will target Korean/Vietnam War Era Veterans 55+ years old in the 660-catchment area.

3.)          Detailed data collection and analytical breakdown of Target Audiences

a.            Vender must be able to provide detailed breakdown of Veteran population demographics throughout Utah, Southern Idaho, and Eastern Nevada.

b.            Vendor must have access to third-party research databases and requisite staffing to analyze the findings.

c.             Vendor must perform analysis of current VA outreach practices and relative effectiveness.  New marketing suggestions must be unique and complimentary to current VA outreach methodologies. 

4.)          Messaging Research/Development

a.            Vendor must use research findings to develop messaging campaigns for the purposes of:

i.              Increasing enrollment in VA Healthcare.

ii.             Increasing enrollment in Whole Health Program.

iii.            Increasing awareness of VA services/contributions within the community.

iv.            Improving perception of VA within the community.

b.            Messaging campaigns are subject to approval by Office of Public Affairs and must meet graphics standards set by Department of VA.

c.             Messaging must effectively reach each demographic of Veteran. Simply advertising about VA services is insufficient for our branding and awareness needs. 

d.            Efficacy of a message must be verified through A/B testing and ongoing market research. 

5.)          Creative: Content Creation

a.            Vendor must have in-house capabilities to create content for digital, print, and radio applications, to include:

i.              Graphic designers capable of executing all required content for digital and print.  This will include digital ads, billboards, flyers, mailers, etc.  Must be able to format all content to the required specifications based on application. 

ii.             Vendor must be able to film and edit video content on-site at the studio provided by the VA Salt Lake City.  This will reduce costs associated with studio rental and billable hours that detract from other advertising efforts.

iii.            Vendor must have web developers on staff to create webpages, track usage, fix errors, and make updates as needed by the Office of Communications and Public Affairs.

iv.            Vendor must be able to produce and record radio content for distribution. 

b.            Upon completion of marketing plan, Office of Communications and Public Affairs reserves the right to create content or delegate content creation to the vendor.  Savings will be applied to a future campaign expense.

c.             Images of actual Veterans must be used in advertising campaigns rather than models posing as Veterans.

6.)          Media Buying/Print Distribution

a.            Vendor must have in-house media buyers capable of negotiating competitive purchase rates for TV, Radio, Digital, Social media advertising campaigns.

b.            Vendor is responsible for developing media purchase calendar that adds the most value to the overall campaign.  Media purchases must be validated via demographic data of Veteran media usage as determined by the data collection and analytical breakdown (Section 3.).  Media buying calendar is subject to approval of the Office of Communications and Public Affairs.

7.)          Campaign Monitoring & Technical Analysis

a.            Vendor must monitor and report effectiveness of campaign, validate that ads/commercial aired as intended, track web traffic, and make recommendations based on effectiveness of advertising plan. 

b.            Vendor must possess closed source proprietary analytical software for the purposes analyzing data. 

c.             Vendor must provide interface to Office of Communications and Public Affairs for the purposes of firsthand monitoring of advertising effectiveness. 

d.            Detailed ROI breakdown of each advertising initiative to include Cost per impression, number of impressions, click through rate, retargeting success rate, etc.

Scope:  Not to Exceed 12 months from contract award.  Option to renew for subsequent 4 years. 

Risk Control:  Office of Communications and Public Affairs at the VA Salt Lake City Medical Center will ensure information shared is accurate and not falsely represented. 

Place(s) of Performance: 

1.VA Salt Lake City Medical Center 

2.Vender Headquarters

                        Technical Evaluation: 

1.            Office of Communications and Public Affairs will review proposals for technical proficiency. 

2.            Validation and vetting of proposing agencies will be accomplished through analysis of proposals alongside portfolios of previous work experience that meets or exceeds the scope and quality of work required for this campaign. 

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