theCOMMSapp at PRSA Today: Solving PR Exec Comms Overload

the COMMSapp

Just launched today at PRSA’s International Conference in Philadelphia, theCOMMSapp is intended to address the communications overload most PR and communications professionals face today.

Where the need for “pushing” key content in the “now” arises, mobile applications like the one Founder and CEO Jeff Corbin’s team have hammered out will soon dominate the business communications pathways. (Corbin is also the CEO of PR Firm KCSA Communications.)

Just as Internet search and the desktop begin to lose prominence as efficient information delivery conduits, mobile technologies that “shortcut” the communications landscape will become more and more prominent. Everything PR News spoke with key execs at theCOMMSapp via a demonstration of the platform’s capabilities on Friday. Here’s the rundown on the technology developed by theCOMMSapp™ from theIRapp capability.

To grasp the efficacy of this new application, it is first necessary to visualize the kind of value proposition Corbin and Co. created with theIRapp™. That turn-key investor relations app has been adopted by publicly traded companies for optimizing their IR content for iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices.

Now, what was a breakthrough for stock related comms, will now be available for the communications world at large. Quickly, efficiently, and on time pushing of key company communications such as presentations, videos, audiocast conference calls, fact sheets, marketing collateral, and much more, device agnostic connectivity leads to the speed needed in today’s ultra-connected business world. Here’s just some of what’s possible via your company’s mobile communicators:

With the COMMSapp companies can:

  • Publish live streaming of conference calls and other live events and presentations
  • download content for offline viewing
  • Get Google Analytics for companies to measure reach and use of content on the spot
  • Take advantage of NO effort to implement – NO company IT involvement
  • Get a horizontal/landscape viewing of content
  • Include a user sign up/opt-in to receive content
  • Share content across social channels and email
  • Take advantage of the nature of “Native Apps” versus HTML5 etc.

As you can see, the user interface is straightforward and as described – effective for push feeding agents.

What theCOMMSapp is, is essentially a custom made communications app delivery system for skinned and branded mobile app wherewithal minus the cost and development time. The subscription-based service includes a CMS (Content Management System) that allows for basically any kind of content upload and quick dissemination.

From our demonstration it quickly became clear that this platform answered on the company’s promise to deliver a tool for communications professionals to more effectively extend their corporate messages in real time, mobile time. With a whole new generation of consumers of all kinds out there, to be able to disseminate corporate messages and insights via mobile, and to do it ultra effectively and cheaply, this is one of the new digital business paradigms before us.

Although we did not have time to fully test the app before publishing the news, if theCOMMSapp lives up to the same name that Colgate Palmolive and Campbell’s Soup utilize in theIRapp™, PR pros may have lever advantage for the next “now” client presentation.

Readers interested in learning more about this family of apps can contact the developers directly via:

Danielle DeVoren/Alison Crisci

KCSA Strategic Communications

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