Thunder 11 PR Firm Profile

Thunder 11 is a communications boutique based in New York City, established in 2007 with the goal to work on helping businesses realize their most important goals. The goal is achieved by combining smart and non-conventional thinking, along with excellent execution, in order to deliver both measurable and meaningful results.

This is a business that provides a variety of services, and all of them are based on four pillars that Thunder 11 believes to be fundamental for success in communication.

Thunder 11 helps businesses narrow down their messaging and organize their high-level positioning. This is a boutique that knows how to work with its clients in order to get them to differentiate themselves from the competitors, while also making a positive impact on media, influencers, investors, employees, as well as the customers.

The business helps brands and corporations capture their own unique value proposition, while creating a messaging playbook that is clear, compelling, and concise. Thunder 11 helps clients in generating new name ideas, be it for a new product or a new service that the business will be offering to clients or even a brand new company. It also provides oversight on the look, design, and feel of everything that the client wants to share with the public.

Thunder 11 provides its clients with excellent content. In a time where many businesses are eager to tell their stories and plenty of media platforms to do it through, it’s not easy to create content in a short timespan and distribute it on different platforms, while also engaging with the target audience. 

That’s why this communications boutique offers its clients the possibility to keep both their corporate blogs and their social media channels frequently updated with engaging and valuable content. Thunder 11 can also identify other contributor opportunities for clients that are going to be placed with leading mainstream or with specialty publications, which will help capture the client’s voice.

The business can also initiate or oversee partnerships with many media organizations, create and pitch op-eds to major publications, as well as design and deliver different types of content projects, ranging from e-books to sponsored online magazines and video content.

Thunder 11 knows that smart public relations should be done with top-tier outlets, and it should also be integrated with research, events, and social media. That’s why this business creates both proactive pitches that land a wide range of notable media placements and partnerships with any relevant specialty or national media outlet.

The boutique also develops and executes events that can deliver client’s messages to the target audience, and applies a variety of research that can support the client’s propositions, while engaging leading experts in the industry to generate sales and publicity.

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