TikTok Advertising, Marketing & User Acquisition Tools

TikTok is all the rage this year, and naturally with that comes brand attention from companies wanting to advertise, market and win customers via this rapidly growing social media tool.  Here are some expert thoughts on how to market and win on TikTok.

“Tiktok has become influential to youth now. It is said to have 800 million users as of this writing. So I would not wonder why businesses had used this platform to raise awareness of their brand. With the feature TikTok Ads, there is a big chance of getting connected to your potential clients/consumers. A recent study shows that majority of the user is between 13 to 24 years of age. So I must say that it’s worth to invest in Tiktok Marketing if your main target audience is in that age range. What a company shouldn’t do is what we call “information overload” – where they tend to put a lot of things in one presentation. It is best to do just enough to entice,” said Steve Johnson of BootMoodFoot, a website dedicated to all things shoes & footwear.

“I believe brands who sell to youth audiences need to extend their customer loyalty programs onto TikTok. Brands should build a network of youth customers and collaborate with them on content for TikTok. Brands should distribute exclusive products / access to their creator customers enabling them to leverage TikTok for e-commerce and further community building. Street-wear brands like Converse and Adidas are doing this already (https://www.adidas.com.au/creatorsclub). They reward their network of creator customers for connecting with the brand and empower & reward them for promoting the brand in their own unique voice,” said Tim Hill, the Co-Founder & CEO of Social Status, a social media reporting tool used by thousands of marketers around the world.

Jaquetta T Ragland, a real estate agent in North Carolina said, “One suggestion I have for brands to reach the youth on TikTok is to promote challenges. Since the youth (and adults) on TikTok like doing things together with their friends, a challenge has a great chance of going viral, because they get to do it together.”

Marketing on TikTok will be a concern for many brands moving forth.

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