Tina Turner as Alive as Ever

Tina TurnerYou know, sometimes a joke is just not funny. Hoaxes via Twitter have become commonplace, of course, but reporting celebrities dead? The latest Twitter foo-pah concerning singing legend Tina Turner, now 72, seems somehow all the more onerous.

Nothing new about celebrity-death hoaxes, of course, – it is however amazing how quick such rumors go viral, and how long they stay that way. The trend gives a whole new meaning to the concept of freedom of speech. Are people really free to “kill” even within a rumor, another human being? Are there no repercussions against those who push the joke too far? Is Twitter really not accountable for allowing the hoax to spread?

Whatever the sick reasoning behind such hoaxes, Tina is in fact doing a-o-k according to her spokespeople. CNN reporter Deborah Feyerick, also confirmed that Turner is doing well. The leggy superstar was in fact just a few days ago seen at an affair with fashion legend Giorgio Armani in Beijing.

Tina is one of only a few artists to have won as many as 8 Grammys, and is listed on Rolling Stone Magazine’s “The Immortals — The Greatest Artists of All Time”. Everyone here at EPR wishes Tina continued success and happiness. No comment from 42 West or PMK-BNC, both of whom have represented her.

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