Tips and Strategies for Becoming the Best CEO

Tips and Strategies for Becoming the Best CEO

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to running a business or being a great CEO. There are many variables to consider — the business, the experience of the CEO, and the goals of the company, just to name a few. It can be difficult to know exactly how to improve and grow, yet this is mandatory for any entrepreneur or CEO. Here are some strategies to always be evolving into the best you can be.

Limit yourself to having only three major priorities at any one time. There is always an ever-growing list of things a CEO needs to do but don’t let this grow out of control. Be sure to delegate things to intelligent and capable employees, and trust them to get the job done. This can help you focus on what is really important: growing the business.

Delegation is Key

Bedros Killian, founder and CEO of Fit Body Boot Camp, said, “Only 5% of the things I do are tasks that actually move the needle, and those were the critical things that I needed to focus on 100% of the time. Everything else can be delegated to team members or subcontractors who have the skill sets and abilities to perform the job. This has been a game-changer for my business as we continue to have massive growth year after year.” 

He came to this conclusion after years of trying to do everything from marketing to customer support to bookkeeping and more himself. This led to him feeling like there wasn’t enough time to get everything done and getting burnt out.

Clear Goals

Clearly define the goals for your team and the company. Don’t be afraid to think big and set seemingly hard-to-reach goals. Some advice will be to set attainable goals, yet this doesn’t push anyone to reach beyond their limits to achieve what they thought was unattainable. A great CEO should always be encouraging their employees to strive beyond excellence to see what they are truly capable of achieving.

Andrew Lansing, president, and CEO of Levy Restaurants, said of setting goals: “I have found that these three steps can overcome any productivity hurdle: First, the entire team should identify what the true goal is for a project, and make sure everyone involved is focused on that goal. Second, we determine if there is a true finite ending, even if we can’t yet see what it is. Finally, we identify the various challenges standing in the way of achieving that ending and force ourselves to ignore anything that doesn’t help us over those challenges.”

Make sure you know the purpose of the company and how to best communicate that. If the company disappeared tomorrow, would it matter? If so, to whom and why? These are key questions to be able to answer in order to keep the team on track and make sure clients and stakeholders are kept happy. It is much easier to grow a business and keep it successful when everyone involved is on the same page.

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