Tips for contest marketing

Contests have been around for quite some time but they have been modified with the rise of social media platforms. They not only help to increase the number of people who interact with a brand, they also help to form deeper connections with them. User-generated content contests also help to urge others to participate and participants are encouraged to upload their personal content to promote a brand. Given below are tips on how contests can help a brand to grow.

Identify the target market

A well-defined target market is very important for contest marketing strategy. That way the contest can focus on a specific segment of the market. This is an effective step to reach potential clients who would help to generate business. The target audience are not just people who want free goodies, they are ideal buyers. The prize chosen should also be relevant to the target audience.

Take an omnichannel approach

The most successful contests are the ones that adopt an omnichannel approach as they get the maximum number of participants. The participants can use their favored social media platform and the brand can combine online and offline strategies. The contest can take place through emails or an exclusive channel can be created for the contest.

The prize should be unique

The prize should be such that it helps to get the sort of leads that a brand is looking for. For instance, a particular product may be very popular as a prize but it might have nothing to do with a brand. The prize should be related to the niche of a brand. For instance, if a brand sells fitness products, then a workout mat or a resistance band would be enticing. A gym membership can also be the grand prize. Research done on customer profiles would lead to the understanding of what prize the customer would consider to be highly valuable. 

Create a video to promote the contest

People are always watching videos on YouTube, and that is why it is a great idea to create a video to promote a contest. The video created can be used as an announcement for a contest. The video can also be used in Instagram Reels so that people become more curious about the upcoming contest. The video can be promoted on Facebook. After the contest, the video can be used to declare the winner. That announcement can be scheduled at a time when the audience would be online.

Partner with influencers

Influencers who have plenty of followers can market the contest to their followers. This would also help to extend the reach of a contest and create a buzz. The influencers should be given creative license in the development of the content for the contest as they know best how to entice their followers. They might be given guidelines on the parameters within which they would have to work and they would do the rest. There are platforms available that help to track influencer stories.

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