Tips for Video and Influencer Marketing Efforts 

Through digital marketing companies can focus on creating more value for their target audiences while still retaining a competitive edge over their markets. With a successful digital marketing strategy companies need to get different departments within a business together to ensure that they are sharing the same messages, creating a positive experience for the customers, and meeting the needs of their customers.

Video marketing

Through video marketing efforts companies can increase their reach, expand their operations, and grow their revenue. The goal of video marketing efforts is for companies to create informational or valuable video-based content for the target audience, such as instructional videos, announcements, events, or behind-the-scenes content. Companies need to create video content to generate more brand awareness with a target audience and increase their conversion rates, as well as revenue. These days, many adults tend to spend several hours out of every day watching video content, and according to research, brand awareness increases by over 100% after someone watches a video. That video can be a product announcement, a behind-the-scenes video, or an in-depth how-to tutorial. Since it has a great impact on conversion rates, many companies have started using video marketing efforts as their go-to for their digital marketing strategies.

Influencer marketing

Another very effective way that companies can reach their target audiences is through influencer marketing. This type of digital marketing effort can also greatly influence the buying decisions of customers because when companies are able to collaborate with social media influencers, celebrities, or industry experts that share similar values to the business, and those people recommend the company or its solutions to the audience, the customers are going to be a lot more likely to convert. That’s because many customers tend to trust third-party recommendations a lot more compared to branded messages and advertising efforts from companies. When companies are creating influencer marketing campaigns it’s important for them to figure out which influencers are relevant in their target markets, if they share the company’s own values, and whether they have a decent number of followers for that campaign to be more effective. That doesn’t mean influencers that have a smaller number of followers aren’t going to be as effective in reaching the company’s digital marketing goals, and in fact, plenty of smaller influencers actually tend to generate a lot more engagement on social media platforms, compared to social media influencers that have a large number of followers. The main reason behind that is that smaller influencers tend to have very tight-knit communities of loyal followers that they’ve developed throughout the years of sharing content on social media platforms, and those followers trust the recommendations of the influencer a lot more.

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