Top Email Platforms for Scaling, Segmentation, Lead Generation, and Design


Companies need to use different types of email marketing platforms, depending on the goals of their email marketing campaigns and the results they want to achieve. That’s why it’s important to select the right platform that will help businesses achieve their goals.


Smaller businesses that want to start scaling should be using Drip as part of their email marketing campaigns because the platform has different plans for different business sizes. That means the spending of a business will only increase as the business is growing. Additionally, the cost of investing in this platform is uniquely catered to every business based on the size of the email contact list, and when the company decides to join the platform. In fact, this platform is also a great choice for any business owners that are just getting started with email marketing. The platform has drag-and-drop features and email templates, various integrations, and great customer service, as well as data insights that companies can use to better inform their email marketing efforts.


Companies that want to sell their products to a number of different target audiences should be using ActiveCampaign as part of their email marketing campaigns. That’s because the platform has a number of different segmentation capabilities that allow companies to separate all of their email contacts into different lists easily, and personalize all of their marketing efforts to reduce the unsubscribe rate. The platform also helps companies design and create personalized emails for each audience segment, split test emails to figure out which elements help in conversions, and which ones don’t, and a landing page builder.


In the past, OptinMonster used to be a WordPress plug-in, but these days it’s a standalone email marketing platform that has plenty of different features that are beneficial to companies. There are features such as pop-ups, opt-ins, templates, triggers, integrations, analytics, and even testing tools. This is the best platform for companies that want to generate more leads simply because of the versatility of the email campaigns that companies can create and execute. The platform also has plenty of gamification email options, which can help businesses better target their customers, grab their attention, and increase retention time, click-throughs, as well as conversions.


The email builder Stripo is designed to integrate with other types of platforms such as MailChimp or others. Companies can use this platform to get access to amazing email templates that will help them in creating branded marketing messages for their target audiences. The tool is also really simple to use even for beginners, but it also provides HTML options for anyone that’s able to code.

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