Top Outdoor Promotional Efforts

When most people think about outdoor marketing, they tend to think that it’s an outdated form of street advertising. Additionally, with the way the entire world has shifted toward digital advertising and marketing efforts, that sort of thinking should come as no surprise. However, companies that haven’t utilized outdoor marketing efforts yet are missing out because it’s a very effective strategy for reaching new potential consumers.


To make a big impact on a lot of potential consumers, companies should be investing in billboard ads that are attention-grabbing and creative. Fortunately, with the shifts and evolution in technology, these days, billboards are a lot more creative both in terms of their content and in their form. For example, companies can work with digital or moving billboards to make an even stronger impression on people. When a business is considering investing in billboard advertising efforts, they need to think about what the billboard is trying to achieve, and how it’s going to do that. The company also needs to ensure that the size and location of the billboard are both a match for the goals of the campaign, and make the billboard as attention-grabbing as possible. However, it’s important to remember that although a billboard is made to grab the attention of the public, it shouldn’t be doing so in a bad way, because that way, the company is going to be remembered by a lot more people for the wrong reason.

Street furniture

Advertising on street furniture is simple – companies use public equipment like parking garages, benches, kiosks, or bus stops to display their campaigns. This type of advertising effort works quite well on pedestrians and commuters, and those types of ads allow companies to include some important details about their advertising efforts in the ad. Furthermore, most of the targeted audiences of street furniture ad campaigns also have the time to read through the ad itself, and even take pictures of it or look it up if it’s relevant to their needs or interests. When it comes to street furniture advertising campaigns, companies need to find a color palette with colors that won’t clash together. They also need to ensure that all the specifications regarding the design of the ad itself are tailor-made and precise so that the unusual advertising surfaces can hold them. Finally, the amount of text on these types of ads has to be limited because most people that come across these types of advertising efforts are still on the move when they come across them. By keeping everything clear, simple, and concise, companies increase their odds of grabbing and then holding the attention of the targeted members of the public that are going to remember the company for a lot longer.

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