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Celebrating its 30th year in existence, O’Dwyer’s has made a name for itself as a go to Public Relations news site (and magazine).

Today, they released their annual list of Worldwide Fees of Top PR Firms With Major U.S. Operations. The firms mentioned in the list were compiled based on whether or not they met the ranking rules of the O’Dwyer magazine. What are those ranking rules? It’s simple. According to their website, the O’Dwyer ranking rules are “supporting fees and employee totals with income tax and W-3 forms and providing a current account list.”

The list shows what firms are growing particularly well – and ranks the firms by size. Edelman is the giant in the room, as their revenues exceeded $800 Million dollars annually, as the website notes, “…with growth of 5.5%, heading a group of firms in the top 25 where 15 showed double-digit growth and only one firm posted a down year.”

Rounding out the top ten firms was APCO Worldwide, WE, W2O Group, Ruder Finn, Finn Partners, LEWIS PR, Zeno Group and Padilla CRT.

Spectrum, a Washington, DC based firm grew quickly to $14.840 million. Its employee total was 60, and the percentage change from 2014 was +83.5. The firm is in its 20th year of existence and has made a name for itself as one of the nation’s leading health and science PR and communications agencies.

Prosek Partners grew 20% to $24.4 Million, Coyne PR grew 17% to $27 Million and 5WPR grew 13.2% to $21.4 Million.

Other fast growing firms include:
#42 Bliss Integrated Communication, New York, NY – $9.4M, +40%
#32 Inkhouse Media + Marketing, Waltham, MA – $12.1M, +34.3%
#35 Highwire PR, San Francisco, CA – $10.9M, +33.9%
#44 Bateman Group, San Francisco, CA – $8.6M, +28.9%
#79 North 6th Agency (N6A), New York, NY – $3.4M, +65.9%

#54 Walker Sands Communications, Chicago, IL – $6.9M, +52.1%
#97 Marketing Maven Public Relations, Camarillo, CA – $1.8M, +48.9%
#67 Konnect Public Relations, Los Angeles, CA – $4.7M, +46.7%
#75 Beehive PR, St. Paul, MN – $3.8M, +41.5%

O’Dwyer’s requires firms to submit tax returns.

Interestingly, MWW PR didn’t submit financials – leading some to ask how much the firm is struggling.Thanks to publications like O’Dwyer magazine, the public, and other PR agencies can access to up-to-date information of what’s happening in the PR world.

For more information on O’Dwyer or to check out their Worldwide Fees of Top PR Firms With Major U.S. Operations list, visit their website!

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