Waterfront Toronto Issues Media Monitoring RFP

Waterfront Toronto is seeking a Media Monitoring company.

Waterfront Toronto Corporate Mission:

Waterfront Toronto is the public advocate and steward of waterfront revitalization. Created by the Governments of Canada and Ontario and the City of Toronto, Waterfront Toronto is mandated to deliver a revitalized waterfront. Formally created in 2001, Waterfront Toronto has a 25-year mandate to transform 800 hectares (2,000 acres) of brownfield lands on the waterfront into beautiful, sustainable mixed-use communities and dynamic public spaces.

The project is the largest urban renewal project currently underway in North America and one of the largest waterfront redevelopment initiatives ever undertaken in the world. However, it is not just the sheer scale of the project that makes it unique. Waterfront Toronto is delivering a leading edge city-building model that seeks to place Toronto at the forefront of global cities in the 21st century.

A primary objective of waterfront revitalization is to leverage the infrastructure project to deliver key economic and social benefits that enable Toronto to compete aggressively with other top tier global cities for investment, jobs and people. To do this, Waterfront Toronto brings together the most innovative approaches to sustainable development, excellence in urban design, real estate development, and advanced technology infrastructure.

Scope of Work

The role of the successful Proponent will be to monitor media coverage (print, broadcast and online) for Waterfront Toronto and to assist the organization in evaluating its media coverage.


The successful Proponent will be required to deliver the following:

  1. Daily comprehensive media monitoring of all print, broadcast and online sources from local, regional and national sources, as well as monitoring major international sources. Online sources should be limited to outlets with a substantial audiences (examples include BlogTO, Torontoist, UrbanToronto, Azure, Spacing, etc.).
  2. Daily monitoring should include any and all content that mentions Waterfront Toronto, as well as the organization’s past, current and future projects and issues related to our work (a list of key words will be provided). Daily reports should also include content that mentions or includes quotes from specified executive staff, Board members and others at Waterfront Toronto.
  3. Compile and deliver media coverage reports by email to specified Waterfront Toronto staff and partners by 11:00 am each business-day morning. Monday reports should include coverage from the previous weekend. Content needs to be available as links that lead to full stories that can be printed if necessary.
  4. Deliver transcripts of broadcast coverage upon request by Waterfront Toronto.
  5. Produce monthly/quarterly/annual media analysis reports that evaluate Waterfront Toronto’s media coverage quantitatively and qualitatively. The reports should provide valuable insight (beyond impressions) that can be useful in generating corporate Key Performance Measures. The analysis reports should be downloadable into Excel and other MS office programs.
  6. Monthly media analysis reports must include social media monitoring. It should analyze project and corporate mentions, and include thematic and sentiment analysis.

Proposal due by May 15, 2017 to:

Carole Weldon, Intermediate Buyer Waterfront Toronto
20 Bay Street, Suite 1310

Toronto, Ontario
M5J 2N8

Weber Shandwick and Shift Communications are Canadian owned.

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