3 Ways to Transform your Next PR Message

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You may have the best message in the world, but you still cannot get people to buy in. What gives? Well, as Founder of 5W Public Relations I  regularly advises clients, “PR is as much about HOW you say it as it is what you say.” In fact, in most cases, how you communicate is vastly more important than WHAT you communicate.How can your methods turn a dead message into a vibrant PR masterpiece? Here’s three recommendations from me, to help you transform your PR into content that captures and creates clicks.

#1 – Make them curious: Human brains are wired to be curious. Curiosity that leads to people being engaged is an almost insurmountable attribute of good PR content. If you can make your audience curious, then you can hold them in the palm of your hand. That’s not to say that you should never reward that curiosity. However, your headlines and ledes should be absolutely brimming with mystery and the promise of wonders to come… if they keep interacting with your media.

#2 – Bite sized stats: Our brains would much rather process smaller chunks of information than large blobs of content. Your message may be lengthy, but if you can break it down into bite-sized chunks, your readers will be able to compartmentalize each section, and pay closest attention to the part that is most appealing to them. This might sound like you are training people to ignore certain sections of your content. That’s not the case. They are doing that already. Your job is to help them easily find the content that grabs their attention the most. Breaking up your content into easily assessed sections will increase the likelihood of getting read.

#3 – People love stories: Don’t regurgitate a bunch of semi-related facts to your audience. They want to remember what you have to say. And they will, if you can put it into a narrative. This, again, is more about how our brains are wired than it is about the strength of your content. The human brain is wired for story, plain and simple. Take advantage of that in your PR communication.

If you filter every Public Relations message through these 3 filters, we are confident you will see better connections with your content.

About Ronn Torossian

Ronn Torossian is the Founder and CEO of 5W Public Relations. He is an experienced leader in the public relations industry with over 20 years of experience. Ronn Torossian has been named as Public Relations executive of the year by the American Business Awards, and has run countless award-winning Public Relations programs.