The Best Travel PR In the World Belongs to Greece, Period.

Courtesy The Island of Crete

Courtesy The Island of Crete

Here’s a short Monday bite about the absolute best PR there is, and the magnificent job Incredible Crete, and Cretans are doing for Visit Greece and the ministry of tourism there. We’ve been focused on clients in Crete and around Eastern Europe for some time, and I just wanted to share some fabulous promotional video with our readers. I know you’ll find these and more from The Island of Crete extraordinary .

While Greece has had its share of economic turmoil these last few years the video below tells the real story of these resilient people in that marvelous land. And with a typical Greek comedic tint as you will see.

As you can guess, the Western press is not always accurate about the tone for Greeks and other places East of Germany. Now in the video below, you’ll be touched by the real “legacy” of this wonderful Island, the 5th largest in the Mediterranean. One thing we’ve learned in our travels about Europe is, the people and their lives are the real treasure to be discovered. This is doubly true for the place in the sun the ancient Minoans called home. This video is courtesy of the municipality of Hersonissos.

Generations, the human condition, our lives, what else have we really to share? Well, in the case of the next comedic look at traveling, apparently Cretans are the most hospitable people one can imagine.

I bet you did not know Crete has the most amazing oranges. Maybe you were not aware of the aforementioned Minoans. If not, that Bronze Age civilization essentially ruled the Mediterranean as the greatest seafarers and traders of the time. They were the first to build paved roads, and their gold and other metallurgy cannot even be surpassed to this day. The video below has the same tongue in cheek humor along with some true Crete mystique along with the famous snake goddess. Don’t ask, you’ll see.

I would ordinarily not give a history lesson, but Crete is one of those places inextricably modern and ancient at the same time.

Finally a Vimeo one that really shows off the creativity of these organizations. Can you imagine, as the star says, driving 4 hours and experiencing the world? It is possible you know.

Why has Greece got the best travel PR in the world, you ask? Because being able, even when the chips are down, to really and truly show off your people, natural beauty, and the heart beneath your blazer breast pocket, this is called class. Ask anybody.

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