Travis County Healthcare District Issues Advertising RFP

To effectively and efficiently connect Travis County residents with low income to care and coverage, and help taxpayers understand how health care is planned, funded and delivered, Central Health needs a sustained and consistent,research‐based paid media presence. Paid media will promote awareness about the Central Health Enterprise and its affiliates, educating Travis County residents on how and why we are connected, and how we bring value to the community.


The Travis County Healthcare District d/b/a Central Health (“Central Health”) is a special purpose district created under Chapter 281 of the Texas Health and Safety Code that is responsible for providing hospital and medical care to the indigent and needy residents of Travis County. Together with its affiliates, the Community Care Collaborative, Sendero Health Plans, Inc., and Central Texas Community Health Centers d/b/a CommUnityCare (all four entities collectively, “TCHD Entities”), Central Health ensures low‐income and uninsured residents receive timely access to quality health care services.

Scope of Work:

Central Health provides access to care for people with low income – about one in seven Travis County residents. To effectively and efficiently connect Travis County residents with low income to care and coverage, and help taxpayers understand how health care is planned, funded and delivered, Central Health needs a sustained and consistent, research‐based multi‐cultural paid media presence.   Additionally, as we move towards a more integrated naming system for the Central Health Enterprise, media is needed to help Travis County residents understand how the Enterprise and its affiliates are connected, and how we bring value to the community. We have limited in‐house capabilities to create advertising elements (i.e. produce radio, TV, digital, print, out‐of‐home), and plan and place media, which is why we are seeking an advertising agency to assist us in our efforts.  Ideally, Central Health’s media buy would be planned annually.

Advertising and Media Goal: To educate Travis County residents – especially those with low income – about health care services and coverage options, while helping all residents (Travis County taxpayers) understand the local health care delivery system and the value the Central Health Enterprise brings to the community.   

Advertising and Media Objectives:

· Connect Travis County residents to health care and coverage through the Central Health Enterprise (i.e. CommUnityCare, Sendero) and Central Health’s Medical Access Programs (i.e. MAP, MAP BASIC). 

· Increase familiarity of the Central Health Enterprise including how it plans, funds and delivers health care in, and brings value to, Travis County. 

· Promote Central Health Enterprise service expansion strategy and milestones, for example expansion in historically underserved areas.   

· Ensure residents of Travis County understand how the Central Health Enterprise makes our community healthier. Whether they are a current patient, or a future patient, or know someone who could benefit from our services, Travis County residents should have a basic understanding of:

o The services provided by Central Health Enterprise,

o The affiliates that comprise the Enterprise, and how they are integrated and bring value to the community,

o The Medical Access Program (MAP, MAP BASIC), the enrollment process and coverage benefits; and

o How to use services effectively, including when and where to access primary and urgent care services.  

· Promote an integrated branding system for the Central Health Enterprise.  

Targeted Audiences  

· Travis County residents including:

o Current and potential patients of the Central Health Enterprise (Travis County residents up to 200% of Federal Poverty Level, or FPL)

o People who know someone who could benefit from Central Health services.

o Communities experiencing health inequities

o Travis County residents at large (non‐patients).

· Other audiences include: o Central Health Enterprise employees

o Elected and public officials

o Partners

1. Provide full‐service advertising services aligned with Central Health’s goals and objectives to reach targeted audiences.  Services include the following:  

· Develop strategic advertisement plans, including the development of creative assets (use or existing assets permitted, as appropriate). 

· Develop creative content in English and Spanish, including art direction and graphic design, for a variety of digital, broadcast and print mediums; 

· Produce content in English and Spanish for a variety of media outlets such as social media platforms, print media, broadcast media (radio, television), and direct mail.

· Perform research to develop creative content, plan media placements, and measure effectiveness. 

2. Plan, buy and place media using the most relevant, insightful, industry‐accepted sources and data to guide the creation of a research‐based media plan. Research sources should include, but are not limited to Central Health data (, U.S. census data, and media research tools such as Nielsen Scarborough, comScore, and Google Analytics.  Plan should also include analysis of the target audience’s lifestyles, including media consumption habits, community and social activities and special interests.

· Recommend media channels, tactics and placements.

· Media channels includes print, broadcast and/or cable TV, radio (free/premium), digital (online, mobile, social media), out‐of‐home (i.e. billboards), search engine optimization, direct mail, and other tactics the consultant and client deem appropriate.  

· Inclusion of a strong paid social media component in the media plan is essesntial.

· Media plans may also include strategic partnerships and sponsorships.

· Perform media traffic analysis and reporting.  

3. Consumer testing of messaging and creative concepts in various languages is desired; however we are open to various types of testing (i.e. focus groups, intercept interviews, online etc.).

4. All elements of creative content must be aligned with program goals and objectives, be culturally appropriate, and include messages and tactics designed specifically for those who are most impacted by health disparities, including both bilingual and Spanish‐speaking Latinos, African Americans, and other targeted populations.    

Due Date:

July 2, 2020 ‐ 2:00 P.M. Prevailing Central Time


Central Health Purchasing Office 1111 E. Cesar Chavez St. Austin, TX 78702 Phone: 512‐978‐8599 Email:

Strong healthcare PR agencies include APCO Worldwide and W20 Group.

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