Trenton, New Jersey Issues Public Relations RFP

Trenton, New Jersey Issues Public Relations RFP

City of Trenton, New Jersey has issued an RFP for a public relations firm and marketing agency. The selected agency will work directly with The City of Trenton to develop outreach plans for different audiences, create tools outlined in the developed plans and work side by side with The City of Trenton to implement plans.


The City of Trenton is seeking the services of a full service marketing/ public relations agency to assist with the following, at a minimum:

  • The Ideal candidates will have demonstrated experience and expertise in branding, public relations, graphic design, creative planning, copywriting and plan development and implementation with a general understanding of such activities within the public sector.
  • Serve as a non-exclusive, full-service advertising, branding, marketing, media and communications agency to promote the City of Trenton.
  • Work in conjunction with the City of Trenton and its key partners, including the local community and domestic/ international business partners, to develop an overall strategy to improve the City’s outreach and communication efforts.
  • With gathered research, work with the City of Trenton staff to develop a community outreach plan to actively disseminate information about The City of Trenton and actively engage community activities
  • Perform research to aid in developing outreach opportunities within both the local community and business community. Identify the City’s current position. Analyze all relevant research to recommend the best strategies and outreach channels.
  • Demonstrate an in-depth understanding of branding and identity concepts. Work with The City of Trenton to assess current brand and identity and provide recommendations for improvement.
  • Perform all necessary services related to the successful purchasing, development and execution of advertisements, including, radio, print, direct mail and digital and internet marketing.
  • Organizing weekly or on an as needed basis all relevant information, meeting, conferences, through social media (Facebook, tweet, City’s Website, etc.)
  • Perform media production services including but not limited to: creative concept, graphic design, and photography, copywriting, pre-press and printing.
  • Perform all aspects of video, radio, digital and other new media direction, production and post-production including: creative concept, development, copywriting, casting, shooting, editing, dubbing and placement.
  • Provide full media planning, buying and creative services related to the production and execution of the most advanced and cutting-edge digital technologies, including but not limited to internet marketing and mobile marketing
  • Perform media-buying services to purchase advertising across all types of media, including but not limited to: pre-buy analysis, media planning, media buying (negotiating best rates and placements), tracking and post-buy analysis. Media targets may include local, state, national and international markets. As requested, the successful contractor will provide demographic information, including analysis of market, station, profiles, times, etc.
  • Monitor, analyze and report on executed advertising campaigns. Provide a written analysis of the campaign, including effectiveness, results and recommendations for improvement.
  • Seek out nontraditional, value-added media opportunities such as promotions, Giveaways and editorial opportunities.
  • Develop an earned media strategy for developed outreach programs.
  • Perform such other services as a non-exclusive, full-service advertising agency, as requested.
  • Provide web site usability and content recommendations, as well as work with staff to perform regular content maintenance and updates
  • Development of collateral, booths and any other special materials requested by the City of Trenton to promote itself to the relevant target audience.
  • Provide advice, counsel and assistance on matters pertaining to marketing and public relations.
  • Recommend public relations and publicity efforts to supplement paid advertising and assist in the development and placement of such efforts.
  • Provide event planning services such as managing invitee lists, designing and distributing event materials, coordinating vendors, developing event program and visuals and event execution.

Proposal due by April 5th, 2017 to:

Isabel C. Garcia
Purchasing Agent
Division of Purchasing
319 East State Street
Trenton, NJ 08608

Coyne PR and MWW PR seem like obvious candidates for this RFP.

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