1000$ to Become an Informed Tourist in South Africa at the World Cup

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TwentyTenVIP.com has launched a Priority Access VIP Program for FIFA’s World Cup in South Africa starting June 11, 2010. Membership would cost 1000 US$ per card (which, in fact, gives access to membership advantages for card holder and one guest) or 9,500 US$ per corporate card (up to 9 members). The companies behind the programme are Overseas Travel Int’l and Cape Town Production.

Pricey as it may seem, the Twenty Ten VIP card gives the bearer priority status to all the best bars, clubs and lounges – and this could be an advantage, in the end, considering how crazy the World Cup can get. If you are interested, get this card while it’s still hot, as only 1500 members will be accepted in the Club to guarantee the privileged access to venues. The personalized, stainless steel Twenty Ten VIP card will be available to World Cup fans starting May 1, 2010. The card is available at www.twentytenvip.com/registration or by calling 786.276.8686 (USA) or (27)21.464.4500 (South Africa).

This PR and marketing strategy by Overseas Travel Int’l and Cape Town Production is not the first we will discuss. There are many other companies that offer special deals for FIFA’s World Cup this year. We already announced the VISA deals, and more examples will follow. In the end we will also make a top of the most creative PR and marketing strategies targeting this event. If your business has such a strategy, please let us know.

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