The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to invite qualified bidders to prepare and submit proposals to provide results-based inbound marketing services to the University of California, Davis, Veterinary Genetics Laboratory (VGL), in accordance with the requirements set forth in this RFP.


VGL already successfully provides gold-standard animal genetic testing to its clients, including animal breeders, animal owners, animal registries, and other parties who desire or require sophisticated genetic tests to determine parentage, disease susceptibility, genetic profiles for traits of interests as well as for other genetic information for a variety of animal species. The VGL is a revenue-generating non-profit unit within the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, therefore the services provided enable funding to support research and education related to the VGL and the School. Having already proven themselves in the market, VGL aims to increase its share of an industry that already has tested well over four million animals and the number is growing quickly. The overall objective of this RFP is to select a vendor to assist VGL in increasing its sales of genetic testing products. Working closely with VGL personnel, the vendor will execute different email marketing and targeted advertising tactics and closely track and report results. In consultation with VGL, the vendor will then optimize the marketing approaches to ensure the most efficient use of resources to generate the highest sales results. In concert with the vendor, VGL will create supportive inbound content as needed and use SEO tools to optimize pages. Qualified suppliers with a minimum of seven years of experience and expertise in providing marketing services, including strategic advising, creating and placing advertising and executing other marketing tactics, reporting results, and optimizing campaigns are invited to submit proposals, based on the information provided in this RFP, with the intent to establish a business alliance with the University that will maximize the resources of both organizations to most effectively meet the University’s needs.

Scope of Work:

The vendor will perform the following work: 

· Using existing sales data, vendor will work with VGL personnel to identify product lines to market and customer groups to target, including within the existing client list. Vendor will collaborate with VGL to ensure that customer tracking is established through the marketing funnel including through purchase.

· Vendor will create a marketing plan that includes how they will target the customer segments, draft audience messaging for testing, develop a marketing mix, including an advertising and email communication matrix, and mechanisms for reporting and optimizing. 

· After approval of the plan, vendor will develop and execute the marketing campaign and adjust, scale and optimize as agreed upon in the plan. Vendor will supply detailed reports that correlate metrics to conversions (sales). VGL will supply photographs, technical copy, and other assets and build custom landing pages as needed to create marketing and advertising materials. VGL will optimize pages for SEO with guidance from the agency. Requirements The vendor must prove their capability to execute a full-service, results-based inbound marketing and advertising campaign based on prior experience. In addition to proving seven or more years of relevant experience, the vendor must submit three examples of managed results-based campaigns, including a summary for each of the role of the vendor, campaign tactics, metrics, outcomes, and references. Campaigns must include email and digital advertising components, including both social and keyword.

Vendors must demonstrate the ability, either directly or through a specified subcontractor, to do the following:

· Effectively manage an inbound marketing campaign (through a named in-house lead with prior experience who will be assigned to the VGL campaign)

· Create high-quality VGL-branded email, advertising and marketing materials (through named in-house personnel and prior experience). Set and execute marketing strategies for multiple channels as appropriate (e.g., YouTube, Instagram, etc.). 

· Place advertising, particularly digital advertising including Google Ads, social and retargeting (through named personnel or a subcontracting agency and prior experience)

· Create effective results-based reports that track conversions through the marketing funnel and optimize campaigns using the reports (through prior experience)

Vendor must outline what subcontractors they might engage, including if they use external advertising-buying partners. In addition, vendor to include a price table identifying the titles and hourly rates for all personnel and/or subcontractor personnel assigned to the VGL campaign. Indicate if the hourly staff rates reflect a discount from standard rates. Include a summary of any commissions (if applicable) for media buying and any other costs, including YouTube video production, travel, etc.

Due Date:

August 16


University of California, Davis Business Contracts, Services.

One Shields Ave 3215 Apiary Drive

Davis CA 95616-5270

Agencies worth considering include 5WPR and Hunter pr.

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