UCOS’s Chad Richison Stadium Upgrades Video Display System

UCOS (University of Central Oklahoma) recently unveiled impressive upgrades to its Chad Richison Stadium, including a state-of-the-art video display system. The enhancements, detailed in a recent article by Sports Video Group, represent a significant advancement in fan experience and event presentation at the stadium.

The focal point of the upgrades is the new video display system, which features cutting-edge technology and superior visual capabilities. The main video board, measuring an impressive 46 feet wide by 86 feet tall, provides crystal-clear images and vibrant colors, ensuring that fans have an immersive viewing experience. In addition to the main board, the stadium now boasts auxiliary displays, ribbon boards, and a new sound system, all contributing to a more engaging and dynamic atmosphere.

SNA Displays retrofitted the stadium’s main video scoreboard with a much larger display, representing an increase of almost 300% in overall resolution. The new 10 mm LED display is 35′ high x 42′ wide (1,056 x 1,280 pixels) and processes 1.3 million pixels. The scoreboard also features an illuminated UCO logo on the front of the display and Bronchos channel lettering on the rear side. 

These upgrades are not only beneficial for fans but also for players, coaches, and event organizers. The enhanced video capabilities enable detailed replays, player statistics, and dynamic content to be displayed in real time, enhancing the overall game experience and providing valuable insights for teams and fans alike. Furthermore, the improved sound system ensures that announcements, music, and commentary are clear and impactful, adding to the excitement of the event.

The upgrades to Chad Richison Stadium demonstrate UCOS’s commitment to providing a world-class experience for its fans and stakeholders. By investing in cutting-edge technology and modern amenities, UCOS is setting a new standard for sports facilities, ensuring that Chad Richison Stadium remains a premier destination for sports and entertainment.

Overall, the upgrades to Chad Richison Stadium are a testament to UCOS’s dedication to excellence and innovation in sports entertainment. The new video display system and accompanying enhancements are sure to elevate the fan experience and further establish Chad Richison Stadium as a top-tier venue for years to come.

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