UNDP Issues Event Management RFP

UNDP Issues Event Management RFP
UNDP Issues Event Management RFP

Under direct supervision of UNDP, the event organizing company will organize the creative launching event of the Accelerator Lab in Ethiopia ensuring smooth and effective set up of branded communications products, unique venue set up and arrangements, logistic and administrative components of the event. The successful company will also have the responsibility of providing full documentation of the event (raw footage, short videos, and pictures). It will also ensure the availability of efficient secretarial and clerical support as well as oversee the sent out of invitation and follow-up confirmation of participants.


UNDP partners with people at all levels of society in over 170 countries to help build nations that can withstand crisis, and drive and sustain the kind of growth that improves the quality of life for everyone. UNDP offers global perspective and local insight to help empower lives and build resilient nations. 

The critical development challenges faced by developing countries such as Ethiopia are economic poverty, unemployment, sanitation, climate change, unsafe water supply, poor education, population, inequality, conflicts and governance among many. To help solve some of these critical challenges, UNDP has been actively and heavily engaged in helping transform various development sectors in Ethiopia.

The Accelerator Labs are UNDP’s new way of working in development to solve 21st century dynamic and complex development challenges. Together with core partners, the State of Qatar and the Federal Republic of Germany, 60 labs serving 78 countries will work together with national and global partners to find radically new approaches that fit the complexity of current local and global development challenges.

The labs will transform UNDPs collective approach by introducing new accelerated services and solutions backed by evidence, testing and dissemination within and across countries. Sense-making, collective intelligence, solutions mapping and experimentation will be part of the new offer from UNDP to governments.

Together with partners, the Accelerator Labs will analyze challenges within local contexts to identify connections and patterns in search of new avenues of work to act effectively in addressing wicked development challenges.

Scope of Work:

Scope of services for this event includes event venue set up, arrangement and management; documentation of the full event (video and photography), and administrative support to manage participants.


  The following are the expected deliverables from the event organizer

  1. Invitation
  • The company will send out invitation cards and manage all the logistical services related to sending out the invitation cards.
  • Follow-up with invitees for confirmation
  • Compile a confirmed list of participants and share with UNDP 5 days prior to the event
  1.  Event venue management/administrative support
  • Creative seating arrangements with nameplates for designated speakers and panelists
  • Liaise with other companies who produced branding products of the event, manage logistics and delivery of the products to the event venue
  • Arrangement and set up of the various produced branding products
    • Branded rectangular pillars
    • Cardboards
    • Event backdrop
    • Roll-up banners
    • Canvas for participants to pin their innovative ideas
  • Avail ushers to arrange and manage participants’ registration and smooth flow of the event
  • Arrange participant kits that include (Tote bags, folders, notebook, and pen)
  1. Documentation of the event
  2. Videography: submission of raw footages and two short videos (10 minutes each)
  3. Submission of high-resolution pictures of the event (200 pictures)

Due Date:



United Nations Development Programme

UNECA Premises Congo building 6th floor

Ms. Mekdelawit Hailu


Relevant agencies worth considering include Alison Brod PR and Headline Media.

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