UNDP Libya Issues Media Communications RFP

United Nations Development Programme

UNDP Libya is seeking a Media Communication Consultant for a Peace Campaign. The primary task of the media and communications agency is to launch an external national campaign lead by Libyan women, focusing on the culture of peace and peaceful coexistence. The Consultant will be responsible to provide technical assistance and advice to a coordination committee on the design of the campaign, its objective/s, messages, tools and channels. The Consultant will also be responsible for building partnerships and networks, exploring potential alliances, identifying parties that can support the campaign and contribute its implementation, as well as planning relevant activities to implement this campaign.

Moreover, the media consultant will also work closely with two divisions within UNSMIL; The Women’s Empowerment Section and the Public Information Division to conduct the following tasks:

  1. Monitor multimedia coverage of Libyan women, propose and set up the implementation of a media engagement strategy to counter-narrative and advance women empowerment;
  2. Identify women issues, speakers and events to feature on traditional and social media;
  3. Revise the women empowerment communication strategy, identifying influencers, updating tools and refining messages;
  4. Conduct a mapping of key influencers – men and women – instrumental in advancing rights of Libyan women and propose engagement strategy with them;
  5. Identify key Libyan women leaders, develops communication products to promote them and ensures wide dissemination of these products;
  6. Develop a TV campaign designed for Libyan channels to influence the public perception regarding women;
  7. Partner with TV channels to design and broadcast  3 TV debates programs on women’s situation and rights;
  8. Support the planning and documenting of UNSMIL gender events and produce promotional material, including but not limited to newsletters, to be shared with key partners, highlighting gender related activities and actions;
  9. Promote women’s issue on UNSMIL social media platforms, including photos, content development, YouTube videos tackling women issues and advancing women political participation and leadership;
  10. Draft all press releases for the section.

Proposal due by April 4 to:
Immeuble Le Prestige Business Center
Tour E et D, 2ème étage, Rue du Lac Windermere
Les Berges du Lac
1053 Tunis

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