University Of Edinburgh Issues Media Buying RFP

The University of Edinburgh requires a media buying agency for strategic advice and recommendations, and procurement of on and off line advertising space. The overarching objectives of our media activity are to drive local and international applications for undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD programmes, build awareness and recognition, and support our commercial operations.

Scope of Work:

The supplier will be engaged to provide advice at the request, and under the direction of, nominated UOE representatives relating primarily to student recruitment advertising, generic brand raising advertising and advertising in support of the university’s commercial activities. Strategic media advice may be given as necessary on these specific areas: products, brands and brand portfolios: in terms of brand image, targeting, media usage and phasing. Category and category segments: identifying and analyzing media usage by the competition, detecting niches and opportunities. targets: translating marketing targets into communication and media targets, quantification and definition of targets, target group attitude towards media and product purchase, control of side-effects (on a brand and product basis). Effectiveness: contribution of the communication plan to the effectiveness of the marketing mix, links between the media plan and the overall communication effectiveness.

Analyzing and selecting communication vehicles: tactical media planning and optimization Quantifying and prioritizing objectives: reach and frequency distribution levels, optimum contacts, required environment, qualitative aspects, special positions.

Determining estimated net costs of contacts.

Developing plans (with alternatives) and producing a justified recommendation.

Optimizing final plan according to constraints and opportunities within each medium.

Leveraging the purchasing power of the advertiser: negotiating and buying

Analyzing terms and conditions of each media vehicle.

Ranking vehicles according to net cost and costing of each plan.

Negotiation strategy for each vehicle.

Proof of insertion and invoicing.

Administrative and financial follow-up: permitting the advertiser to monitor media purchases and budget status with simple direct access (extranets, EDI, etc.).

Presenting a detailed post-analysis

Media post-analysis: actual versus objectives (either versus competitive or rate card), qualitative and quantitative, explanation of discrepancies.

Buying post-analysis: negotiations and other economic benefits obtained, proof of insertion, check versus orders, compensations and make-goods.

Efficiency post-analysis: role of media in the marketing mix, analysis of effects related to causes.

Advanced Media strategy/planning: definition of targets and objectives: from marketing, sales and communication objectives, with media surveys and consumer databases, investment analysis: evaluation of previous investments, optimum budget recommended media mix: media selection, phasing over time, weight of secondary communication channels (DM, partnerships, barter, etc.), multi-brand and/or multi-national co-ordination.

Training and sharing information:

Designing and circulating regular media information (paper and/or electronic).

Initiating and investing in proprietary ad-hoc research.

Permanent monitoring of developments in the media world (nationally and internationally).

Due Date:

May 31st, 2019. 


University Of Edinburgh

Charles Stewart House, 9-16 Chambers Street




Relevant agencies for this assignment include Zeno Group and Ketchum PR.

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