University of Virginia Public Relations & Media Buying RFP


University of Virginia Public Relations

The University of Virginia has issued an RFP for Media Buying and Public Relations Services (“Services”) for the University.

Two categories for this RFP:

  1. Media Buying: Media buying will be further divided into two categories: firms with demonstrated global media buying capabilities/experience and firms with capabilities limited to domestic media buying.
  2. Public Relations: Though public relation firms will not be divided into additional categories, public relation agencies should express their global capabilities in their proposals.

Scope of work

Media Buying:

Firms shall demonstrate strength and experience in advertising media strategy and buying: to include media buy strategy and planning; audience targeting and analysis; planning and execution of both stand-alone and integrated, multi-platform campaigns; media negotiation and purchasing; and post-buy analysis. The University plans on making awards to firms in two categories: those firms that provide domestic media buying services and those firms that provide global media buying services, with demonstrated capabilities and expertise.

Those with global capabilities should be specific about their geographical experience and expertise. Firms should demonstrate expertise and capabilities including the following categories:

  • Digital and digital search tactics including but not limited to:
    • AdWords and other search marketing platforms, including non-U.S. platforms such as Baidu
    • Paid social media placement on platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.
    • Paid social media placement on non-U.S. platforms, including WeChat, Weibo and WhatsApp.
    • Online display advertising
    • Sponsored content programs
    • Mobile campaigns
    • Remarketing via search, social and other platforms
  • Print advertising across a variety of formats
  • Radio advertising
  • Television advertising (Broadcast, cable, proprietary network)
  • Sponsorships and product placement
  • Untraditional and/or traditional out-of-home

Strong client services, strategy, planning, analytics, reporting and optimization capabilities are expected prior to, throughout and following all campaign execution.

Public Relations Services:

Firms shall demonstrate strength and experience providing either general public relations support, which could include a variety of public relation skill sets from writing and editing support up to the research, development and/or delivery of major strategic communication strategies, or exceptional depth of experience and skill in providing a unique service listed below. Proven experience in effective positioning, expert pitching and placement. Editing and media-relations strength and experience are required. Experience working with clients in the non-profit, research and public higher education space a plus.

Firms should describe their domestic and global capabilities and should demonstrate expertise and capabilities including, but not limited to, the following categories:

  • Speaker/subject matter expert placement, engagements, appearances and partnerships
  • Support and promotion strategy for expert content
  • Media cultivation and earned media strategy
  • Audience research, focus groups

Proposal due by Tuesday, January 24, 2017 to: and

University of Virginia

Procurement & Supplier Diversity Services 1001 North Emmet St, Carruthers Hall

P.O. Box 400202 Charlottesville, VA 22904-4202

Buyer: Michael Warlick Phone: 434-924-8918

Fax: 434-982-2690


PadillaCRT and French-West-Vaughan are major PR firms with a Virginia office.

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