Upraise PR: Firm Profile

Upraise PR: Firm Profile

The boutique marketing and public relations agency Upraise PR was founded in 2003 in San Francisco. This agency creates integrated campaigns for its clients that can move the needle on brand building and awareness as well as lead generation. Upraise PR also provides campaigns with excellent media and analyst relations, captivating content, compelling design, and breakthrough events.

This is an agency that first looks at the big picture, and then works out all of the details to get that overarching result. This means that the team first goes through a client’s business and marketing plans, and then creates the day-to-day strategies that ensure all of the messages are consistent. This way, the team is able to create a story that’s going to resonate with audiences, while also positioning the client ahead of the market.

When working with a client, Upraise PR helps the client grow through aggressive and creative integrated PR and marketing campaigns that include the perfect combination of tools, tactics, and strategies that challenge the client and entice the target audiences.

The team, onboard Upraise PR, is creative and dynamic with people whose skills complement each other. With a fast-paced and intimate work environment, this agency is the perfect place for individuality, enthusiasm, and energy. 

Upraise PR offers its clients a variety of PR and marketing services, including strategy and positioning, where the client can get the most out of any budget they are working with. The agency provides a corporate strategy plan or core message development, company, product launch plan, positioning statement creation, market presence analysis, marketing program integration, and market testing of that positioning or message statement with sample influencers.

The agency also offers media relations for clients, with great media coverage that cater to any industry or target audience. It provides clients with media and influencer strategy development, proactive theme creation and influencer outreach, media and spokesperson training, crisis communications, industry analyst relations, rapid response initiatives, editorial calendar pitching, product reviews programs and paid placement strategies and their implementation.

It also provides social media along with content development, ranging from creating short- or long-form content, website, graphics or video content and white papers, to creating the right social media campaigns that are able to reach any potential audience. The agency can also create social surveys or other types of social listening campaigns and identify metrics and measurements that will maximize ROI for clients, with its digital marketing services.

All of these services that Uprise PR provides its clients will mean nothing without the right metrics and measurements in place so that the client can see how successful each campaign or strategy actually is – and that’s why the agency also has specific measurement services, ranging from lead generation analysis to product launch evaluation.

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