United States Government Seeking Iranian Propagandists in Los Angeles

Broadcasting Board of Governors

The Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG)– the governments’ propaganda arm – has a number of requests for proposals they have issued seeking contractors for the major government agency. Michael Kempner of MWW PR Group is on the board of the BBG.

The Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) has been called the “US government agency which was labeled “dysfunctional” by the State Department’s Inspector General, and year after year is rated in employee surveys as the worst—or near worst—place to work in government.”

Two specific openings currently:

1. BBG is seeking experienced journalist trainer(s)/institution(s) to provide television production training to its partner stations in Niamey, Niger. The trainer(s) shall offer 2 TV production classes over a period of one year. Course content may include but is not limited to techniques in contemporary digital TV production i.e. multi-camera techniques; lighting; directing; set building; sound; post-production; studio or field production; scripting and writing; shooting, etc. Trainees shall be comprised of journalists and staff from various TV stations in Niamey, Niger. Training sessions shall be offered at a location (TBD) in Niamey, Niger. Training shall be conducted in French.

The desired trainer(s) shall possess a variety of experiences in broadcast journalism, as well as demonstrated success in coverage of events in Africa including challenging, political environments. With a budget of up to $30,000, interested parties should contact Joyce Ngoh at jmngoh@bbg.gov.

2. The second opening is for the Voice of America Persian division, located in Los Angeles, California. The BBG seeks hourly employees for contractors for Television, Internet and Multimedia services (Video Shooter/Editor/Producer), commencing immediately. All contractors must be able to speak and write in Farsi and English. Interested parties are encouraged to contact Cheryl Nixon at Persian_Solicitations@voanews.com.

Interesting times we face in the world today.

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