Dominican Republic Cozies Up To Hillary Clinton: MWW PR’s Michael Kempner, Anthony Weiner and Millions of Dollars

2015-08-06 by Richard D. Pace

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The Dominican Republic continues their love-affair with Hillary Clinton, with news that the country has hired MWW Group, owned by Michael Kempner, a major Hillary donor. The Dominican Republic has given millions to the Clinton Foundation – and now has hired the firm of a mega-donor to Hillary, the firm which just hired Anthony Weiner – whose wife, Huma Abedin, is a top political adviser and longtime close friend to Hillary Clinton.

According to documents filed with the Department of Justice, The Dominican Republic has hired MWW for “reputation-building services” and to ensure awareness of the “dissemination of its Alien Regularization Plan,” which has been in the media due to perceived mistreatment of migrant Haitian workers living there.

The assignment includes “Media relations support”, work in government relations, media training, a plan to “engage independent analysts and opinion leaders in United States of America, and “Reputation building: provide assistance to the officials of the Dominican Republic in developing and implementing a communications program aimed at supporting efforts to maximize the long-term reputation” of the country.

Noteably, the National Review noted a few months ago, that the Dominican Republic donated between $10 and $25 million Dollars to the Clinton Foundation – and “received $35.5 million from the U.S. government in 2010, and the next year raked in $225 million from foreign governments around the world.

One of eight Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative offices is located in the Dominican Republic.” National Review also said that “in the very rare instances when the Dominican and Algerian governments have diverted their foreign aid to charity, political motives — as opposed to humanitarian concerns – were the driving force behind the donations.”

An academic said in that piece “Assume you have a President Hillary Clinton in 2017 – If anything, she’s going to bend over backwards to not be seen as being generous to the Dominican Republic.” Clearly this can be an end-run.

No word yet on whether Anthony Weiner will work on the business (as he is an executive at MWW.). Also no word on if Kempner will avoid conflict of interests as a board member of the Broadcasting Board of Governors, or whether the Dominican Republic will continue to have pieces broadcast.

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