Using Quora to increase website traffic.


Quora is a website that deals primarily with questions and answers. It has undergone tremendous growth since its early days and now has 190 million active users. As a platform, Quora can present good marketing opportunities to brands. As Quora provides answers to questions on a wide variety of topics, it is a popular choice among users who want advice from experts. There are no limits to topics, which range from parenting to gardening, life advice, and entrepreneurial skills. Because of the range of topics available on Quora, it has often been compared to Wikipedia. Given below are ways by which Quora can be used to increase website traffic.

Create an effective profile

An effective profile on Quora can help build trust and authority for a brand. To do so, certain steps have to be followed. The account should include a good photo and relevant information on interesting topics. The account should not appear promotional. It should ideally be topic-specific and can contain clickable links. Following top writers for relevant topics can also open up opportunities where contributions can be made.

Quality content

It is important to find topics on Quora that suit a brand the most. Choosing a niche will be helpful. A benefit of using Quora is that businesses can be seen as an authority on certain topics. This provides great value to a business. On Quora, users answer questions asked by other users. Users who answer are generally experts. When users look for information on a certain industry and they find answers from a particular business or brand, they treat the business as an authority. This will be easier if a profile achieves ‘top writer’ status. The content used should add value, otherwise, it is likely to be ignored. For instance, giving a new angle while answering a popular question might help add quality to the content.

Give importance to editing

If the answers a company gives are irrelevant or erroneous, they might have a negative impact on readers. There are text editing tools available on Quora that companies should use. A lengthy answer can be made easy to read by breaking it into bullet points. Links can also be added to answers to make them more informative.

Improves SEO rankings

Search results on Google often have Quora posts. Quora is a powerful SEO tool that can drive traffic to a site. A business can increase its chances of making its presence felt among the high-ranking sites by adding keywords. The keywords have to be relevant. There should not be an abundance of irrelevant keywords because that would only lower search rankings.

Be authentic

Many inane questions can be found on Quora. It is better to avoid answering such questions Since an account on Quora represents a business, flippant answers might reflect poorly on a business. Companies shouldn’t be condescending either. Answers that are well-crafted can strengthen the reputation of a business and even generate leads.

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