Village of Spring Lake Downtown Development Authority Issues Branding RFP 

Village of Spring Lake Downtown Development Authority Issues Branding RFP 
Village of Spring Lake Downtown Development Authority Issues Branding RFP 

The Village of Spring Lake (“Village”) is accepting proposals from qualified firms to help develop a brand for the Village. We wish to raise awareness of what makes Spring Lake a desirable place to live, do business and visit; and to guide decision-making about how and where to advertise and market ourselves. In doing so, we hope to refresh the visual identity and logo of the Village of Spring Lake and create accompanying taglines for various marketing and identification uses. The recreational character of the community is reflected in the Village’s current logo, which is shown on the cover page of this RFP. However, it does not reflect the commercial characteristics of the community, nor does it communicate an up-to-date image. These facets should be considered in the creation of a new logo. The Village is looking to work with a consultant to gather information about the Village from a global perspective and assess challenges and opportunities. Based on this assessment, the consultant will develop a new logo and clear messages that aim the community’s features at various target audiences. The ideal firm or team should be able to demonstrate solid experience in market research (both qualitative and quantitative), corporate identity/branding, including logo development and graphics standards, and creative abilities, as well as have the ability to recommend an implementation plan.


The Village of Spring Lake was founded as the Village of Mill Point in 1849; it was incorporated as the Village of Spring Lake in 1869 with a population of 1,169. Today the population is estimated at 2,500 (2010 Census was 2,323 people). The 1.91 square mile Village has a median age of residents at 44.8 years. There are many historic buildings, charming homes, local businesses, thriving marinas, a municipal boat launch, canoe and kayak launches, a sandy beach and fishing platforms within the Village boundaries. The bike and pedestrian paths in the Village connect to neighboring communities in all directions.

The Village of Spring Lake is closely aligned with the neighboring cities of Grand Haven and Ferrysburg (commonly called the “Tri-Cities”). The Village is also situated within the geographical boundaries of the Township of Spring Lake and works closely with the township regarding day-to-day activities. Spring Lake is on a peninsula surrounded on three sides by Spring Lake and the Grand River. The Village is located about one mile from Lake Michigan to the west and 25 miles northwest of Downtown Grand Rapids.

Spring Lake has a quaint downtown, which features local merchants and restaurants. Surrounding Spring Lake’s downtown area are many historic homes, some built in the mid-1800s. The majority of Spring Lake homes were built in the 1950s and 1960s, with many newer homes built on the community’s perimeter.

Spring Lake currently hosts the following festivals and community events each year:

                • Village Adventure (May)

                • Heritage Festival (June)

                • Spook-a-Palooza (October)

                • Christmas Business Window Decorating (December)

Scope of Work:

The Village wishes to brand itself through a strategic assessment of its characteristics and current image, the development of creative elements, including a logo, taglines, and a style guide. The logo design needs to create a positive image and include creative elements that represent the characteristics that are unique to the Village of Spring Lake.

A potential scope of services is listed below. However, the Village is open to considering the ideas and recommendations for the Scope of Work and Deliverables proposed by the selected consultant to get the best outcomes possible.

Phase 1: Research and Planning

                • Assess Village’s attributes for branding and identity purposes, develop a clear understanding of current brand awareness, identify challenges and opportunities.

                • Facilitate surveys of key constituents and community leaders.

                • Develop a profile of the Village’s current and potential markets.

                • Provide a written summary of findings, detailing the attributes which the village may want to focus on to develop its brand to various markets.

Phase 2: Development

                • Create two to three visual identity design concepts with tag options that reflect the Village of Spring Lake brand strategy utilizing the results of the work in Phase 1. Present first round of design concepts to the Spring Lake Downtown Development Authority (DDA). Request and take in feedback and requested changes to no more than two concepts.

                • Present a second and if necessary a third round of refined design concepts with changes based on input from the Spring Lake DDA and Village staff.

                • Make final presentation to the DDA. Completed brand strategy, Village logo and tag should be approved at this time. While two rounds of changes are ideal, be prepared for up to three rounds of changes.

Phase 3: Execution

                • Create vector-based graphics of the selected logo concept and taglines that can be used across various applications, social media and platforms.

                • Create a digital style guide that illustrates graphic standards and rules to ensure consistency and continuity across applications and platforms. The guide should include a comprehensive logo, taglines, color palette, typography, and usage standards with sample identity applications. In addition, the guide should clearly describe the elements/standards required when creating future entity logos outside of the scope of this project.

                • Create a marketing and communications tool kit to include advertising, Public Relations & Marketing templates, PowerPoint presentation, news media release, letterhead, newsletter, e- newsletter, etc.


Based on the Scope of Work, listed below are potential deliverables. However, the Village will consider the recommendations from the selected consultant for revisions to the Scope of Work and Deliverables.

                • A written summary of findings from Phase 1, detailing the attributes which the Village may want to focus on to develop its brand to various markets.

                • Two to three visual identity design concepts for review by the DDA.

                • Presentation materials including refined concepts to Village Council.

                • Vector-based graphics (PDF format preferred) of selected logo and concept taglines for various applications and platforms.

                • Vector based style guide (PDF format preferred) including the approved representation of new brand elements for common needs such as wayfinding, brochures, web, social media, PowerPoint, report covers, letterhead and business cards.

                • Marketing and communications tool kit.

                • Prioritized strategies and tactics including a timeline for action.

Due Date:

May 8th, 2019.


Angela Stanford-Butler – DDA Director

Village of Spring Lake

102 W. Savidge Street

Spring Lake, MI 49546

Relevant agencies include Zeno Group and Small Girls PR.

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