Proposal Due Date (Firm): November 7, 2023, 2:00 PM


This Section describes VCU’s requested goods and/or services and the areas to be addressed in Offeror’s Proposal. Please note that the utilization of the words “shall” or “must” indicates a mandatory requirement.

A. Creative Campaign Marketing and Communications

The Contractor should have some or all of the ability to:

1. Provide substantial planning and strategy support.

2. Offer collaborative brainstorming sessions to uncover opportunities for storytelling, engagement and giving.

3. Supply a dedicated communications strategist to lead development of a campaign communications and marketing strategy.

4. Develop or help develop multichannel communications strategies for special target audiences.

5. Help research constituents’ philanthropic priorities and apply the findings to a campaign marketing and communications plan.

6. Develop or help develop a campaign “look and feel” and a guide for branding standards.

7. Develop or help develop key messaging for specific audiences, as well as overall campaign messaging.

8. Develop of help develop journey maps and personas for all audiences.

9. Create content for the life of the campaign in all formats, including print, digital, web, video, audio, etc.

10. Ideate and/or produce long- and short-form video to support the campaign launch and beyond.

11. Create or help create fundraising outreach assets, such as mailers, email campaigns and custom donor proposals.

12. Build or assist in building an innovative and exciting campaign website.

13. Help develop and execute a marketing awareness campaign before the public launch.

B. Campaign Launch        

The Contractor should have some or all of the ability to:

1. Plan or assist with a plan for a strategic campaign launch that involves local, regional and digital immersive experiences.

2. Develop event concepts, including look and feel, entertainment and guest experience.

3. Help identify and manage vendors.

4. Plan or assist with a plan to execute campaign events that communicate the campaign priorities, including video and experiential production.

5. Capture day-of video and photography.

6. Develop or assist in developing a suite of materials for the event.

C. Post‐Campaign Launch

The Contractor should have the ability to provide ongoing support in the areas above through the life of the contract, with the goal of consistency throughout the campaign.

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