Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth Issues Marketing RFP

The purpose of the Request for Best Value Proposals (RFP) is to solicit online proposals to establish a contract or contracts through competitive negotiations for the purchase of the continued evaluation and research for the Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth’s (also referred to herein as the Purchasing Agency) social marketing campaigns/initiatives. This could include, but not be limited to: survey instruments, focus groups, online panels, interviews, and other methods. This solicitation is using Best Value procurement procedures. 

The Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth was established by the Virginia General Assembly to lead statewide efforts to reduce and prevent youth tobacco use and childhood obesity. In 1999, the Virginia General Assembly created the Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth (VFHY) to distribute monies from the Virginia Tobacco Settlement Fund for the purpose of restricting the use of tobacco products by minors through such means as educational and awareness programs on the health effects of tobacco use on minors, and enforcement of laws restricting the distribution of tobacco products to minors. Because of the Foundation’s great success at reducing youth tobacco use and helping youth in Virginia learn to make positive, healthy lifestyle choices, the Virginia General Assembly voted unanimously in 2009 to rename the Virginia Tobacco Settlement Foundation (VTSF) as the Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth, adding childhood obesity prevention and reduction to our mission.

Scope of Work:

Proposals should include responses to the following questions and statements:

                1. Vision for Evaluation of VFHY Social Marketing Campaigns

                                a. What do you envision as the major components of your plan for evaluating and/or                                     providing research for the campaigns of the VFHY?

                                b. Explain how you plan to evaluate the monitoring process of campaign indicators to ensure objectives are tracked throughout implementation?

                                c. How do you plan to evaluate the impact of the various marketing campaigns?

                2. Focused Experience

                                a. Provide your experience in evaluating youth-focused social marketing campaigns. Provide relevant examples and descriptions.

                                b. What is your experience working with a government entity? List examples.

                                c. Provide examples of your experience in collaborating with outside agencies, other                                     than subcontractors, to finish a project for a client.

                                d. How will you address the traditional challenges associated with evaluating a communication intervention (i.e. it is impossible to randomly assign people to watch/view the message)

                3. Capacity of Agency

                                a. Include the agency history, annual billings, number of clients, and number of staff.

                                b. Do you consider using outside vendors for a typical project? Describe your process for identifying and managing subcontracts, and how your agency typically holds a subcontractor accountable for a project.

                4. Client Management/Agency Structure

                                a. What is your business model to manage client accounts?

                                b. Are there any accounts on which the Offeror works that may be in conflict with the  VFHY’s mission?

                                c. What are the qualifications of the staff that will be involved in managing the account? (Please include resumes and/or position descriptions in the appendix)

                                d. Describe your agency’s methods related to estimating, invoicing, and reconciliation of                              accounts.

                                e. What are the qualifications of current staff that will be assigned to these accounting                                  duties? (Please include resumes and/or position descriptions in the appendix)

                                f. List your attorney of record and provide a description of their expertise as it relates to                                               this proposal.

                                g. Is the bidding organization SWaM Initial Certified (Small, Woman and Minority-owned Businesses) by the Department of Minority Business Enterprises (DMBE)?

                5. Other Research Efforts

                                a. In your opinion, what other group has conducted effective tobacco or obesity prevention related research/evaluation? Why?

                                b. Which tobacco use prevention brand(s) and/or obesity prevention brand(s) do you                                   most admire?

                6. Budget

                                a. Provide a line item budget. This should align with your proposed plan from 1a and 1b.

                                b. Provide a brief narrative justification for line items, as well as methods used to                                             calculate each line item.

Due Date:

April 10th, 2019. 


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