The subscription service enlisted Virgo PR to build consumer awareness and refine messaging 

Virgo PR, a New York PR agency that creates campaigns that delight audiences and attract their attention, has been appointed to work with Cannabox, a cannabis accessory subscription service, and online smoke shop. 

Since launching in 2012, the company has developed clout as the leading monthly subscription service for 420 accessories. Earlier this summer, they up-leveled their offerings and added to their portfolio one of the biggest online smoke shop options. 

The company is dedicated to only providing brands with a reputation of high-quality products and at affordable rates. Products in boxes include bongs, hand pipes, rolling papers, dabbing tools, cannabis grinders, and more. 

Virgo’s campaign will focus on raising consumer awareness, garnering reviews around new products, and thought leadership for the cannabis industry as legalization continues across the country. Virgo PR will also be refining messaging and positioning of how Cannabox fits into the evolving cannabis industry. 

“We’re all excited to partner with Cannabox as they continue to provide the latest and greatest accessories for the cannabis industry,” said Mike Paffmann, Virgo PR CEO. “Amidst growing legalization of weed, now totaling 19 states, we’re starting to see a change in perceptions nationally. I’m excited to team up with Cannabox to help them own this crucial industry moment.”

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