Ericho Communications: Eric Yaverbaum’s Company

Of the numerous PR firms in New York City, one that stands out from the crowd is Ericho Communications. There are two main things that make Ericho unique: they conduct audits and tell lots of stories. By conducting a thorough communications audit of a new client, Ericho gains a deep understanding of not only what’s transpired, but also any undiscovered opportunities and potential trouble or weak spots. The information gathered is also critical to Ericho’s ability to craft a successful strategic plan.

Throughout history, it is known that people embrace stories. The main part of every strategic plan Ericho tailors for clients includes successful storytelling. Not only does storytelling brand and set its clients apart from its competition, but it’s also been shown to open new markets and heighten name recognition.

Other Services

With a strong, measurable plan in place, Ericho helps its clients carry their strategy forward with everything from events, marketing, product launches, fundraisers, promotions, and news announcements. The firm prides itself in also offering crisis communications, media training, and strategic media relations.


Client praise for Ericho and its founder, Eric Yaverbaum, are bountiful. IKEA US began working with Ericho when it was relatively unknown and first entered the U.S. market. William Ager, IKEA’s global marketing executive, credited Eric and the firm with making it “the big successful brand it is today.”  Consumer financial services firm CFS2 was an early client of Ericho as well. Its founder and CEO Bill Bartmann says he set the bar high with expectations of one major media exposure every week. To quote Bartmann, “Eric delivers!”

Mina Behar, PR Manager for H&M, said Eric helped turn her into a TV pro. She said he not only gave her invaluable media training for her to do 2-3 morning news segments in different cities over a week’s time but also credited him and his team for providing new and original ideas for store openings and special events.

What Else Is There to Know About Eric?

Prior to Ericho, Eric co-founded Jericho Communications in 1985. One of his many honors was being named “Hero of Public Relations by PR Week” for starting the impactful “Walk a Mile in My Shoes” campaign that raised awareness of multiple sclerosis. The ensuing publicity not only heightened consciousness of MS and the need for stem cell research but also resulted in congressional funding to support the research.

Eric served as Jericho’s president until 2006 when the firm merged with LIME Public Relations & Promotions. It was shortly after that that Ericho was born.

Not only has Eric won numerous awards for his PR/communications work but he’s also the author of the bestseller “Public Relations for Dummies.” Originally published in 2006, the paperback is now in its second edition. He also authored six other books. One, “Leadership Secrets of the World’s Most Successful CEOs,” has sold over a million copies.

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