Volkswagen’s AR driving experience

Based on emerging patterns, augmented reality is being used by automakers to give potential consumers the opportunity to explore their vehicles. The automotive sector is undergoing rapid development. The industry is trying to improve the driving experience for users. The application of augmented reality can help the industry save time and money. It can also revolutionize the way purchases are made.

Volkswagen announced a new web-based augmented reality technology experience via certain Amazon boxes. It aims to bring a sensory experience of the new Taos SUV to online shoppers. Users can experience a virtual drive on a 3D map by scanning a QR code on specially designed boxes. They can also add unique sounds along the way. Users can also record the drives to unlock three free months of Amazon Music Unlimited. The experience will be available on 1 million Amazon boxes. The boxes will have ‘Joy is a State of Drive’ printed on them. There are four different AR experiences to choose from. Each map is paired with a specific SUV color together with a unique soundtrack.

This AR experience is aimed to reach younger consumers during the holiday shopping period. The web-based AR technology can be played through the browser on a mobile device, with no need to download an app. The AR experience has been powered by 8th Wall, a development platform that enables the creation, publication, and distribution of WebAR content. The campaign has been created in partnership with The Community, a creative agency. This theme is about the joy of driving and the music that fills the miles. According to Christopher Neck, Vice President of Innovation and Technology at The Community, interactive music was added to the visual spectacle of WebAR, ‘ for a truly sensory experience’.

This is an example of how marketers are looking beyond traditional channels of publicity to engage with younger and digitally native customers. With the pandemic, the practical uses of QR codes have increased. It took pandemic-era restaurant menus to accelerate the adoption of QR codes. The reason marketers use QR codes is that they build direct connections with customers and enable the collection of data.

This marketing strategy also emphasizes Amazon’s growing importance in advertising for brand marketers, including ones who don’t sell products via its e-commerce site. With the pandemic impacting in-person driving and contributing to supply chain issues for new cars, Volkswagen’s virtual drive arrives at an opportune moment. With no requirement for an additional app, this experience can reduce the friction that comes with delivering a unique mobile experience. Unlocking three months of Amazon Music Unlimited will elevate engagement with the smartphone-based experience by tapping into frequently paired activities of driving and listening to music.

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