Wachovia Crisis PR: Login Issues Bring Negative Press for the Bank

Wachovia Public Relations

In January, Bank of America’s corporate website, and the bank’s image as a whole, suffered because of some technical difficulties and poor crisis response from the Bank’s customer support team. Twitter appeared to be the Bank’s only medium of communication, to the dissatisfaction of the customers who are less web savvy and prefer other means of information (like news, email announcements, etc).

Today, similar reports could affect Wachovia. A few minutes ago login issues and website outage have been reported by a few credible sources like the Huffington Post and The Business Insider.

Apparently, some customers have problems login into their online accounts, while others have not yet faced such issues. The number of reports is too high to be ignored, and too high to be considered a “firewall” problem on users’ PCs.

While Wachovia doesn’t have a Twitter presence as strong as Bank of America, their understanding of customer support on such a network remains poor. Listed on Wachovia’s Twitter account there are less than 200 tweets that all read the same. A great majority begin with “I work for @Wachovia & saw your tweet.” and are followed by a “thanks for” or a “glad to” or some other corporate cliché that raises more questions than answers.

No official answers (on Twitter or elsewhere) from Wachovia at this point, to clarify the login issues. The corporate website seems to work fine, but the bank’s login system doesn’t recognize the username and password of some of the customers on record. The bank should offer some answers soon, or else negative press reports will develop into a PR disaster. If not addressed in time, such occurrences are usually damaging for a bank’s reputation and credibility.

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