Walker Sands Communications: a PR Profile

Walker Sands Communications

Walker Sands Communications

Walker Sands is a public relations firm founded in 2001 and based out of Chicago. Their services include branding, product launches, blogging, and a focus on winning awards for their clients. Their niche is primarily technology-based clients ranging from startups to national and global enterprises.

Some of their clients include Acquity Group (NYSE: AQ), Alterian (acquired by SDL), Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO), HarperCollins UK, Seesmart Technologies (acquired by Revolution Lighting), ThreatMetrix, Newark element14, SecureNet, ThinkVine, CenterPoint Properties, and others. According to this site, “in 2014, Walker Sands was named to the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies for the second year in a row.”


Walker Sand’s Digital Ecosystem

Walker Sands promotes a “digital ecosystem” providing the best possible services to their clients. Digital ecosystem, according to their website, offers marketing strategy “to connect with prospects across multiple touch points.”

B2B brands need a marketing strategy that gets earned, owned and paid media working together in harmony to increase brand awareness, build credibility and drive leads. Therefore, channels that have traditionally been approached separately – such as media relations, social media, search engine marketing and email marketing – must come together in a unified marketing framework.”

By unifying the framework, Walker Sands changes what they see as a fragmented media landscape and packages it in a single, comprehensive approach to marketing and branding.


Content and Digital Marketing

Walker Sands produces a part of the digital ecosystem essential to online content. The main strategy when working with a company figures out a target audience, and then creates strategy to reach that audience directly. The varying types of content Walker Sands promote include press releases, blog posts, data studies, case studies, videos, and social media.

Part of content managing includes digital marketing. For digital marketing, Walker Sands promotes its use of SEO Analysis, Keyword Research, and maintaining web traffic. An important aspect of their web strategy provides ongoing monitoring of the digital success and tweaking the digital footprint for maximum effect. “SEO is a journey, not a destination” claims their website, and this philosophy coincides with stress on partnership with employees.

“We partner with you on continuous improvement for your SEO results, benchmarking the progress and taking the necessary steps to continually improve.”

Branding Themselves

“Good public relations is an essential enabler of organizational success. Our Chicago public relations agency can support you in all aspects of public relations…

At Walker Sands, we support our clients in a variety of ways, from defining PR strategies to fine-tuning messaging structures. But, at the end of the day, we are best known for securing media placements for our clients — in print, on the radio, on TV and on myriad online outlets.”

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