Washington City Issues Communications RFP

Washington City Issues Communications RFP

The City of Port Townsend, Washington currently serves a population of approximately 9,500 and a service area of approximately 20 square miles. The City Council is interested in improving the City’s visibility to and communication with the community through an enhanced communications strategy. The City is evaluating whether website improvements, social media platforms, improvements to current communication tools or other communication methods are viable options for improving visibility and transparency with its citizens.

Currently, the City has no dedicated communications staff.

Communications are generally decentralized but primary support for public, staff and council communications is provided through the City Manager’s office (Executive Assistant and City Clerk). The City has two experienced Information Technology staff members who maintain and update the website with content guidance by the City Clerk and information provided by the City Manager’s office and key department heads.

Citywide communication tools currently include:

  • Utility Newsletter – Monthly newsletter with message from the Mayor and updates from City departments – mailed in utility bills and available on line and
  • City Websites – Includes Official City Website “CityofPT.us,” City Library website “PTPublicLibrary.org.”
  • City website calendar of City meetings
  • Tourism sites (maintained by contracted marketing and promotions staff) – “EnjoyPT.com,” and “Enjoy PT Facebook page,” and Port Townsend Main Street Program newsletters
  • Public Access Television Station – PTTV
  • KPTZ – local community radio station (for news & emergency communication)
  • Press Releases and media advertisements – display ads. (PT Leader, Peninsula Daily News, KPTZ)
  • Specialized print collateral such as brochures, maps
  • Town meetings including both city-wide education and special neighborhood meetings for Capital Projects

Scope of services:

  1. Evaluation of existing communications practices, current use of traditional methods of communication including comparisons with other local jurisdictions’ practices.
  2. Assessment of online tools and social media platforms that should be considered by the City.
  3. Assessment of organizational capacity and coordination for maintaining and enhancing communications efforts.
  4. Development of a written report including observations and recommendations regarding changes in current practices, organizational structure, media currently in use and new media to enhance overall communications efforts with consideration for achieving or maintaining compliance with the PRA and the OPMA and identification of related costs.

Proposal due by November 2, 2016 to:

City of Port Townsend Attn: City Clerk

Communications Strategy RFP 16-04 250 Madison St. Suite 2

Port Townsend, WA 98368

PR firms with a Washington office include Allison & Partners as well as Edelman PR.

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